Any experience with

I ordered an extra mod from (Sinous P80). Their site showed in-stock (well, it didn’t say out-of-stock). Immediate charge on my credit card. The next day they sent an email saying the order shipped and provided a USPS tracking link. The day after that they sent an email saying, “Sorry, the color you ordered in not in stock. Other colors are available”. So I replied to ship one of the other colors.

That was 2 days ago. No response from No update on the USPS tracking link. Still says “pre shipment”. And they don’t answer the phone.

Anybody do business with this site? Are they legit?

The lack of replies is informative. Apparently nobody has ever heard of these guys. Amazing lack of presence on the net, including ECF and Reddit.

UPDATE: Called the phone# on their site 5 times throughout a business day. They never answered. Finally left a voice message. Then 2 more e-mails. The last e-mail demanding a response by end-of-business Monday, or cancel the order. Still no response. Found their Facebook with posts made during this time, proof they are alive but just not servicing customers.

Sent a msg to the parent Chinese asking if is legit and affiliated. No response from them either in 3 days.

Then I found their Youtube channel and it answered the mystery - MILLENIALS! I deserve my punishment for not checking them out better before ordering, and assuming they were a legitimate US arm of the parent. Buyer beware.

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Sry u had to find out the hard way but thks for sharing.