Any good vape shop in DC?

Hi all, my first post here but I’ve been hanging around for a while, even dared to publish a recipe some time ago :grinning:

I’m traveling to Washington DC for work on next week and I’m wondering if there is any good vape shop there. I couldn’t find much information on Google. I’m interested in American mech mods and things that are difficult to get in Europe, maybe nicotine salts e-liquid.

Also, any information regarding vaping in public, airport and things like those are more than welcome.

Thanks so much in advance!

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24 minutes from DC, District F5VE. There is a member here that lives in the general area that might be able to turn you on to a few more and he likes mechs. Let me see if I can ge him on here.


I live out west of town, but there are some decent shops between Dulles airport and the city.

As far as “American Made”, yeah, good luck with that. Very few mods are actually made in the USA, and certainly none in this city. Vapers Retreat in Chantilly is a friendly bunch of guys with a decent juice bar of retail and house branded flavors. Vapology 101 in Herndon is really nice, and they are owned by one of the partners at Gorilla Tactics, who “make” the Merc mod. As @TheTinMan suggests, D5 is also a good shop, US distributor for the CSMNT atty, the Viva mods from Russia, and Subohm Innovatons, as well as other nice kit. South of town on Richmond Highway is Vape Nova, they are nice folks.

Maryland doesnt have much close in, but maybe @BoDarc can chime in, thats his side of the river.

The trouble with this town is that real estate is crazy expensive, so vape shops need to be in B sites or be really profitable to afford to keep the lights on.

Do stay away from Avail Vapor and VaporFi, they are strickly in it for the money, very little in the way of good kit if any at all.


Yeah sorry bros, haven’t been in a Vape shop in over a year. Dunno if one is even still in business around here, but Google Maps is your friend, and if you go North into Maryland you will find plenty of everything (population density=Retail density)

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Thanks so much for your answers, I really appreciate them. I won’t have much time to move around, unfortunately, and I’ll be in the district of Columbia most of the time but I’ll try to go to District F5VE at least, as this seems closer to my area.
Why do you, guys, make the cities that big? :grinning:


Unfortunately D5 is actually in Falls Church VA. The only spot I see in the city is up on U Street between 10th and 11th, Capitol Vape Supply. Never been there, but looks legit. We do have Metro if you need to get around, and with some Uber you can get about anywhere.

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Yes, you are right, I don’t know why but I checked it on Google maps before and it was 15 minutes by car. Now it’s 40. I’ll try with Capitol Vape Supply first.


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Back home. I want to Capital Vape Supply, unfortunately they don’t have much hardware at all. Some e-juices but ultra-expensive. I bought 60 ml of FRYD Oreo and it cost me 37USD! Stupid of me for not asking about the price before going to pay.
Thanks for your answers.

How was your trip to DC? I know it was for business, but I hope you got to see some sites while you were here…

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Hi, thanks for asking. It was fine, didn’t have much time for sightseeing but I went for dinner to some cool places. I really liked the food and the environment. It wasn’t my first time in DC but I could enjoy the city a little more than in last times.

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