Any Greeks here that Know and ordered from

Site looks so sketchy but prices are so good almost ordered but I chicken out cause it looks weird they are not listed on site I emailed but they didnt give me a clear answer


Greece-Based Online Store
Zerobacco Website

Flavorah lists this on-line store.


I know that but Zerobacco doesn’t have most flavors I want and also prices on are so good if it’s legit .
I emailed and told them the “Greek” site is weird and using their brand name asking if it’s safe to order and this was their answer
“They have been a reseller of ours but have not ordered direct from us recently, they typically order from a distro partner but I have not had much communication with them of late. Here is a list of resellers around Europe that might be better options, let me know if you have questions”


Put it this way if they can’t won’t be bothered to answer you question they don’t deserve ya money

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I 'll probably Risk it and order 30-60 euro worth flavours and be the tester. I 'll just wait 2-3 weeks to see if I get lucky and someone that used the site give me some feedback here .

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If anyone From Greece reads this is the best site to order flavors


Can you gently post the list that Flavorah sent you? This might also help others (including me… ahahah)
Thank You.


Every distribution point FLV has.



PGVG.NO (Norway) Also the same as NoSmoke.NO

NomNomz (UK)

MakeMyVape (UK)

King Flavours (UK)

Chefs Flavours -DarkStar (UK)

Flavour Boss (UK)

Vintage Vaping (UK)

Vapotestyle (France)

Sem Fumo (Portugal)

Flaywer (Germany)

Lebensmittelaromen (Germany)

LaLa Vape (Ukraine)

Vape.UA (Ukraine)

VapeHydra (Ukraine)


Hi I live in Greece and I had ordered many times of this site ( and everything is ok.

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haven’t ordered from here but I know chefs deliver there:

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