Any help with this recipe

Hi every one

How i can make this recipe as 50/50

Ineed to make this recipe in 100ml and i dont know what is the percentage in (ml)


They’ve given you the important part already: the ratios!

Don’t let it overwhelm you.
Break it down to simple steps and you’ll be fine. :wink:

First off, in cases like this, you need to shift the way you think about a recipe.

A recipe is nothing but 4 components.

  • VG
  • PG
  • Nic
  • Flavor

What they are doing is far more important to ANY recipe, than anything else they can give you.

What you need to decide, is how much of this flavor base (or ‘stone’) you think you’ll want to mix up.
(IMO, 30ml is a LOT for something you may not have tested, so for both simplicity’ sake, as well as keeping the math easy to follow, I’ll use 10ml as my example.)

So, we’re creating 10ml of a new stone, to be added to whatever your preferred mix is later…

This 10ml is nothing but flavors.
Read that again.

So, using their numbers, you need

  • 5ml of Latakia (which is 50% of the 10ml total)
  • 3ml of Kentucky (which is 30% of 10ml)
  • 1ml of Burley (10%)
  • 1ml of Virginia (also 10%)

Total flavor: 10ml (or 100%)

Once you have the above, you treat the stone (or flavor base) like you would any other flavor.

Simply put your numbers into the calculator, enter how much of the flavor you want (2%? 5%? etc), and let the calculator do the rest.

“I need to make this recipe in 100ml”

Hopefully you can see how easy it is to figure this part out now! :wink:

Happy mixing!


Bear in mind that the flavours you have to use to replicate that stone are “La Tabaccheria”, otherwise it won’t work. My (not asked for) 2c.