Any ideas for White Tea with Jack Fruit, and hibiscus

One of the new folks in our beginner group is wanting that kind of tea and I’m clueless on teas and Jack Fruit and Hibiscus LOL was curious if anyone had a starting point or idea?


I dont even know what White Tea is… I’m a lipton kind of guy lmao


@authormichellehughes have next to ZERO tea vaping experience. Tried …

… because I drink Matcha Green Tea like it’s going out of style, buuuuuuuut, didn’t like to vape it much.

Have had some great Sweat Tea results …

Sweet Tea (OOO) 7% (4-1-18) – Sometimes something is GREAT when you eat or drink it, but when you vape it, you left wondering, “Why …”. This tester revealed the fact that I don’t think I like vaping “tea” flavors, BUT, and here’s the BIG one, it tastes JUST like Sweat Tea !!! It is important (unless an opinion piece) to not color a review by personal tastes, so I will not. My personal preferences aside, this flavor was dead, spot on. Nicely sweet, with an even mix of maybe two tea elements. Neither overpowering, nothing chemically or artificial tasting, but a very natural tasting sweet tea. Smelling it literally smells like you’ve just brewed a big pot, while it cools off before pouring it over ice. I’d swear you can almost taste the tannin. I think if you’re a sweet tea lover, this one will def. work for you. 10/10.

That’s about it. Other than that, I’m a knife at your gun fight.

Honorable Mention:

Royal Jasmine Tea (Vape Kitchen) 70/30 3mg (12-29-19) – From the Manufacturer …

Our Royal Tea Jasmine is a two-step super fusion. First, we triple infuse green tea with jasmine blossom. Then we infuse this aromatic tea blend in VG for three months. The result is a creamy milk tea variant unlike any other.

Wow (again), now that sounds like a LOTTA work ^^^^. Smelling this in the bottle revealed a creamy Jasmine flavor, and vaping kept that trend going. I felt like I was having to work to pull more of the green tea from this than was present, so it’s safe to say the green tea was fairly recessed in this mix. To me, the creamy base took center stage, with the Jasmine following behind that, with the green tea pulling in the rear. I love creamy bases / mixes, so this overall was very nice. Middle of the road sweetness, and a somewhat complex mix throughout the vape. Green tea is a weaker tea IMO, and even with that, I would have preferred more of it in this mix. Repeated vaping didn’t pull the tea forward at all, but it could be pulling it’s weight just more subdued, i.e. it’s absence would def. be noticed. As it stands, this is a nice, light to mid creamy jasmine vape with mid complexity, with a green tea that’s IN there, just subdued. Feels pretty good right at 8/10 .


I find white tea to be very smooth to drink compared to green, black or any other tea. It’s probably the only tea I’d still drink without making a funny face.
If someone specifically asks for white tea, I’d probably drop all the ideas of using green or jasmine tea or anything like that. There’s IMO a big difference. You’d have to find a specific white tea concentrate to work with. So far I haven’t ventured much into teas when it comes to vaping.


Good luck with white tea, it is very, very subtle. I don’t care for it much myself, so I can’t really help on that.
Jackfruit and hibiscus will overwhelm such a flavour anyway, i’d keep the white tea out or use .6 of the fa black tea which is discrete enough and may give the brewed effect. The fa green tea might come in handy , I seem to remember it is mostly grassy, low enough it might be closer to white tea


LOL My daughter is the tea drinker in this house I prefer Coffee :slight_smile:


Wow not a lot of ratings on any of those teas.


@authormichellehughes, if green tea will do, Medicine Flower Green Tea is really good. .45% in a mix is my go-to. If you can find it, it could fit that part of the puzzle. Their Rose is fantastic, too. Might be good in place of the Hibiscus, keep it nice low (.13-.21ish) to offer a general floral experience .5-1% for full edible rose flavor, semi sweet and not at all perfumey. Goes well with Watermellon or Mango, too.


I have to pop back in to give you the solution for TEAs. It evades the brain because it is not intuitive. I have been brewing up some Jasmine Tea (EF) @ 2% with Vanilla Swirl (TPA) @ 1.50%. The cream solves the mouthfeel and Vanilla Swirl also offers a definite Honey-like sweetness/flavor. I also add some Stevia in the general sweetener mid-range @ 0.25%. Honey sweetened Jasmine Green tea but no cream/dairy taste …see? Not intuitive.

You could likely just add Vanilla Swirl right to your current 30ml of Tea for a quick test. I’m mixing up another bottle myself right now. Flavorah Thai Chai Tea is next in the lab (very potent! likely @ about 0.50%)

{{{ELR}}} Hey? I’m busy! …busy missing you guys :hugs:

Ok just made Public


this is for a new mixer who is having to learn because of flavor ban issues. I’ll definitely pass on all the advice and thanks guys :slight_smile:


Zo! You vant FLAVORz!? I vill need to zee your paperz! Seriously tho, best of luck helping your friend :hugs: Just steeping some dried jasmine white tea in PG for a month might deliver (above). I understand my advice might not be the help your new mixer needs.

Ok, easy money (Vanilla Swirl). Just Subbed Thai Chai (Flavorah) @ 0.50% for the Jasmine Tea (EF) and instant goodness. I’m shake and vaping this right now and need to let it age as I expect the Thai Chai to intensify and this flavor seems to build on your palate (like cinnamon). A tad too sweet even for me with 0.25% Stevia. Vanilla Swirl clearly adds a bunch of sweetener …might just omit Stevia (or cut in half). Again, top-note honey tones on the inhale and smooth mouthfeel. Will see how this steeps …Dirty Chai Latte anyone (just add the right espresso)?

I also have some more other troublesome Teas and this was a pretty good test for me to see if VS (TPA) does the same across the tea spectrum (taming those tannins) …of course you have to be aiming for tea+honey, but some other cream might deliver a similar mouthfeel appeal without that honey (which is very present in VS) …and you could lower the VS to 1.00%. On adding additional Floral flavs? …didn’t feel the need with the Jasmine Tea (EF) as the Jasmine was spot on …so was the tea, but not without adding Vanilla Swirl IMHO.


what do you think about flv teas? or does FE teas is all you need for the tea profile?


If you read up… [despite how gorgeous flv teas are] white tea is very delicate…] if it was me…
I would do a green tea at .2% with black tea at .12% and by keeping it super low, still gives the tea effect.
Jackfruit at .6% and hibiscus at .4% only because I know where I like those flavors.
Good luck on the hibiscus, perhaps resellers still have this flavor, but there is a compound that they are having issues getting stock in.

btw my fav teas are the red and the eisia teas


Yup, I don’t know the flv teas, I probably will at some point but not yet. Your advice sounds spot on though.

Now for the yellow tea challenge :slight_smile:

Pu-ehr, probably easy enough, as long as not too hot brewed, or it turns into fermented anchovies.

Looking at tea recipes, there is a oolong

Might try it, at some point to see where it sits, probably with half flavours ( plus this is an excuse to buy woodruff at some point ).

Lapsang souchong is probably the easiest one, something like black tea, black fire, burnt rubber ( I you got it). Yes, I hate the stuff


I only have the one FE Tea

I like a vape I can overindulge in …that ADV thing. Even actual tea is not something I “All day drink”. Personally, soon I’ve had my fill, tastebud-wise. My challenge with Tea vape is keeping it below that palate-tiring %. I like exotic teas and I have several Tea vape flavs, but have struggled to nail a recipe that makes me desire it more than a couple tanks, which I find frustrating.

Creating a “White” tea effect (delicate?) could just be a matter of %. The only white tea I have enjoyed was a Jasmine blend. A gift from a Chinese co-worker brought back from China. I immediately brewed us both a cup and tossed out the wet tea leaves and was met with wide-eyed astonishment, and was informed I could make many more cups of tea with that …is “delicate” the right word? LoL American perception of the Art of Tea is it was just a way of covering up the taste of all the other leaves in the creek …said the Coffee guzzling savage. :wink:

With artificial Teas, even more so than many common/popular vape flavors, I believe keeping it low is in line with the goal of trying to trick our brain without killing the Taster. Tea-as-vape is surely a top challenge. Now I see there is such a wide international spectrum and I can’t imagine a more culturally subjective flavor profile, making this a great thread. I like the Honey add just like I enjoy my one teaspoon of sugar in the Real …you know, to kill any delicateness. :savage:

BTW I am really enjoying my little Thai Chai (Flavorah) experiment listed above (so easy and SO LOW%). I added NR PurNic and it has a slight tobacco flavor (I like!) today and the sweetness is balanced. Use Nic salts if you don’t want that.


I believe you take my def of white tea a bit wrong…

have a read and a cuppa :wink:

Delicate, talking on:::

““White tea is known to be one of the most delicate tea varieties because it is so minimally processed. White tea is harvested before the tea plant’s leaves open fully, when the young buds are still covered by fine white hairs, hence the name “white” tea.””

meantime I am doing a bourbon and coke vape, while working my fingers again :wink:


I’m pretty new to white teas as well - it’s quite different in tast to green tea in terms of flavor. Green tea is often grassy, GREEN herbaceous tasting, and often have savory, mineral notes. Whites, on the other hand, are very delicate, very light, very pure. My intro to white tea was a lovely 100g Baimudan cake from Blue Willow Tea. The flavor is clean and crisp. It has a lot more top notes of citrus, woody pine IMO. Obviously I’m generalizing as there are huge differences between regions.

White Tea vs Green Tea: Differences, Caffeine & Benefits - Caffeine Whack.