Any ideas how to get a fruit cup syrup taste?

I have been struggling to find this particular note for a blend I have been trying to clone for months now.

the flavour is exactly what you would think, a sweet, watery and vaguely fruity flavor. I’ve read on reddit that this may be achieved using flavorah mango. I’ve tried the obvious, increasing sweetener, several melons at small %s. The blend i’m trying to clone tastes like one of those asian lychee jelly cups.

I’m wondering if there is some obvious flavor out there that I’m completely ignoring.


I’ve never had a lychee jelly cup, but from your description I would like to suggest dragonfruit. Have only tried the TPA version, but I find it to be both sweet, fruity, light and very moisty. Tastes something like a cross between pear, melon and hmm, kiwi perhaps. Just a little can add a touch to a recipe. Or can cactus play a part? Never used it myself, but it might fit in.


Very low % of Inawera cactus will definitely give you a watery flavor and won’t really add a ‘taste’. FA Pear and Fuji Apple will do the same thing. Fuji is especially good. You might also consider something like FA Liquid Amber. It’s supposed to be a fermented fruit kind of a taste (from what I hear, haven’t single tested it yet), but a lot of people use it as an additive for fruits. I’m not big on lychee and never had the real thing that I recall so I can’t really help with that. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I’ve tried dragonfruit and cactus to achieve this as well, not quite sweet enough. Its probably a multitude of flavors doing this.

If you’ve ever had canned fruit salad, the syrup inside is as close as I can describe it. I think if this flavour can be reached it would work wonders in virtually any fruit mix you throw at it. Its almost sickeningly sweet, but not a sucralose sweet, it’s inherently sweet.

I was thinking, maybe some cocktail flavouring, fruit punch or shirly temple at small amount, but I don’t have either in my stash…

Thought I’d ask you guys before I keep throwing more money at this blend… driving me crazy haha

Thanks @anon60225325 and @JoJo

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It could just be quite a few different fruits at small amounts. hell maybe the guy has his own fruit salad type flavour base he uses.

Flavorah’s Tropical Punch is my favorite ‘fruit punch’ mixed fruit kind of flavor ever. Not that that helps, but it’s a really great one and kinda ‘wet’ as well. Yeah, I think you’re probably looking at a grab bag of stuff rather than a single flavor that will give you that effect.


have you tried sweeten your fruits with pyure ??? i use .5 pct with .5pct mm really kicks off a fruit blend

Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s latest tropic juices contains jackfruit, guava and pitaya. Don’t know about any of them, but hey, it’s in a tropic at least. :relaxed:

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Go one step further and try cactus diluted in a 1/10 ratio and then use it around 1% and see how that goes I’ve been messing around w/ cactus ever since I saw this video. Clayton does a great job of breaking it down.


Champagne by LA. Try that for a sweetener. It’s caned peach syrup sweet, just found it out by accident.


I know that a lot of so called 100% fruit juices use pear to sweaten them up. They also use pear juice in some of the fruit packed in 100% juices you might go that direction.

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TPA Pineapple and Inawera Shisha pineapple have a tinned pineapple taste to me, may give you that taste you are looking for, but they are very strong and tend to dominate any mixes I use them in even at small amounts

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So here’s my train of thought on this one. (Story time!)
The other day I bought some aloe juice that had chunks of aloe pulp in it. The taste of the pulp immediately reminded me of those lychee jelly cups (I used to eat those all the time when I was a kid). The juice also had mango and mangosteen juice in it. So I’m not quite sure if it was the aloe or the other juices that gave me that lychee flavor, maybe a combination of the three?
Now if what you taste when you have those lychee cups is similar to fruit cocktail liquid, I think of pear like @GPC2012 mentioned. I’d recommend FA over TPA, but those are the only two pears I’ve tried so I can’t comment on others.
So to sum it up, based on my recent experience and thoughts on what I think you’re going for, I’d try something with cactus, pear, a tiny bit of mango, and mangosteen (someone’s gotta make a mangosteen flavor, right?), and then sweetener of choice.

Edited to add: I totally missed typing out part of my thought train… lol! Some people say that cactus reminds them of aloe. And the aloe reminded me of lychee. That’s where I came up with cactus. Derp.

I having never had your leach cup thingys am pleased to say that and will probably not ever have your leach jelly cup thingys. Leaches just don’t do it for me. l lmao


I have FA mangosteen on order, just to see how this works in a blend. Really tough to find a missing flavour without buying a ton of wrong ones. I have FA pear in my collection and was thinking of trying that out as well as.

It’s funny, the flavor of this juice I’m trying to clone tastes very close to CAP sweet lychee, but I’m unable to get enough sweetness in it, it feels like a secondary flavour that has a strong inherent sweetness. Adding sweetener or EM doesnt seem to do the trick, unless I need to try using a hell of a lot more.

I was doing some reading through reddit the other day and there are a few post praising ecx FE lychee. but I’m in Canada and don’t want to pay to ship another dud.

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Have you tried Pyure? I still haven’t, although I’m planning on swinging by Wal-Mart tonight so if they have some I’m gonna grab it. But from all the praises I’ve seen it might be worth a shot. Now I’m curious, I might try a little something this evening with cactus, mango, pear, and pyure to see how it is.

Haven’t had the chance to try it yet, not really finding it locally. Let me know how that mix works out!

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Will do! And I edited my post above… I had all this stuff swimming around in my head and didn’t get it all typed out. Lol

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Your looking for a thick sweet syrup flavor stevia alone won’t do it, stevia with peach and or pear might. The stevia will boost the fruit flavor more than making a juice sweet. I love my sweet grape juice, not because it’s sweet, it’s just heavy grape flavored because the stevia effect. It’s like vaping Welches grape juice.

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I’ll have to hunt some down. I bet it would do something similar with cap sweet lychee then, like I was saying before, it just takes like its been inherently sweetened, but not like EM or sucralose. Thanks.

Edit: Well shit… apparently not available in Canada, and won’t ship it here. doesn’t carry it either. Will have to wait until I got the funds to update my passport and take a trip down there to grab some haha.