Any known site good for buying flavors and batteries (EU)?

hello people :slight_smile:
could someone suggest me any sites that i can buy flavors in EU and batteries?

well… i am trying to find a site with a big variety of flavors since there are many flavors that i can’t find in local shops unfortunately… and some trusted sites to buy batteries…

i would love to purchase some HB6 batteries or VTC4s but i looked everywhere… Vaping stores, Batteries and stuff stores, electrical markets etc… but can’t find any High Amp batteries at all… i guess that’s because most people focus on battery capacities more than the Amps, though mooch’s suggested vendors unfortunately are all in USA as far i checked on their sites… and shipping would be killing me…

if someone knows a good site (if it has a wholesale even better) for flavors OR Batteries even better…

thank you very very very much in advance :slight_smile:


Take your pick, there are plenty companies listed on the resource page including some discount codes.


thank you so much :slight_smile:

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i highly recommend this company for batteries they are also recommended as a good vendor of cells by Mooch


tyvm sir :slight_smile:

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Your welcome