Any Locals? Cleveland Ohio USA. New to vapes, but bring some skills

Hey folks.
New to vaping, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a useful for people like you…

Just looking for others in the community near me…
Im in cleveland ohio.

I went to school for Metals and jewelry… which gives me an edge on coil building. especially fancy materials and techniques. Turns out coil making and “wire wrapping” are nearly identical arts.

I also have worked in IT and technology for decades, so electronics and gadgets and batteries are my thing.

I have baked and loved smelly/tasty things since i was a kid, so the whole flavor mad scientist thing is right up my alley.

I also love chemistry and lab stuff and all the fun mixing and experimenting and all that…

SOOO yeah it seems i was made to be a crazy diy vaper my whole life and never knew it!

So now i am just looking for others to share this passion.


Me too but she divorced me. Welcome to the ELR forums!


too funny! Thank you my friend! Glad to be here. cant wait to dive in!


@TheLostShaman …, we may not be in ur home town, but here we all share a passion for mixing & some even coil building…, if u ever have any questions or even just a thought on something & want to put it out there, then post it…, someone’s sure to answer…
Welcome to the community BTW :wave:


Welcome to the forum!


Happy to have you here! This is a great community and I learned so much. It’s all about sharing knowledge.


Welcome mate. Nowhere near Cleveland, Ohio or the USA myself, but hope you enjoy the forum. :smile: