Any must have concentrates from the smaller manufacturers?

I currently have only mixed using Capella, Flavor West, TPA, Inawera and FlavourArt concentrates as they are the most readily available here in the UK, there are a few places online where you can pick up concentrates from some of the smaller manufactures but usually in a limited selection of flavours.

I know taste is selective and there’s always an element of opinion with these kind of threads but what’s the consensus in regards to Jungle Flavors, Liquid Barn, Real Flavours, Wonder Flavours, Purilum etc. etc.

Any must haves and any that are considerably better than their equivalent flavour from the manufacturers listed above?



I’ve found a few must-haves from purilum:
Cranberry orange
Fruit circles (without milk)
Lemonade (hands down best I’ve tried)
Strawberry marshmallow cereal
Strawberry rhubarb smash

And Real Flavors:
Blueberry acai pomegranate SC
Strawberry SC


i’m sure you find most of what you look for, maybe not everything but a lot.


I’m pretty new to diy mixing so can’t help with the concentrates recommendations but I thought I’d mention that I’ve just been checking out Not tried anything from them yet but signed up to the monthly subscription - will be like X-mas every month!! ha ha! Hope they are good.

I noticed they had a couple of other brands including their own that I hadn’t heard of. Anyone tried these before? They also have a £1 bottle section - worth a shot!

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If you like vanilla, try to get your hands on some Holy Vanilla from DIYFS It’s the bee’s knees. If you like RY4’s their HOLY HOLY GRAIL RY4 is a bit of alright as well.

I’ve got a few Real Flavors coming so I can’t testify to their offerings, save one: French Toast. I picked up the VG version and as a standalone flavor, it’s pretty on point. The VG version takes a little while to steep, though(I think I had to wait two weeks? It’s hell getting old) I’ve got the SC version coming to compare the two.

I have just ordered some real flavors and some wonder flavors so will come back and update when I try them, my first obscure/small company purchase. Also ordered gremlindiys vanilla overload, supposed to be on the bee’s knees.


I came across this list in a forum - loads of UK vendors. Think I will have to have a wee window shop myself!

Hope this helps someone! :slight_smile: