ANY NBA FANS ( basketball )

My favorite sport after boxing i was wondering if anyone else will be following the season ???

Pretty boring for a Warriors fan. Might pick up in the playoffs like last year.

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It’s hard for me to keep up with due to working nights , I mainly start watching when the playoffs start.

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it is a long season i usually watch the sunday games on abc and playoffs

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Just like baseball. Too many games. Not enough riding on one till the end of the season makes for a boring watch.

Last year I only watch one game from start to finish. And yes it was the last game and probably the best game. :grinning:

I also think the showman ship of the players have dropped over the years. I remember watching players like MJ, Larry bird, magic, and so on…totally entertained for every game. I really can’t say that about lebron, Kobe, Duncan, and so on.


maybe not duncan, but kobe, lebron, KD, d wade , and now westbrook and curry etc the game has showman ship and the talent is crazy, like may ill always have a soft spot for magic , jordan, wilkens, bird etc the 80s 90s saved bb but these guys are holding it together with arguably some of the best talent ever

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