Any others have this problem with Breazy?

Anyone else have problems dealing with I ordered a box mod from them back on Nov 22. It’s now December 22 and I still have no product. They are using (supposedly) a company called Rocketship. When they shipped they gave me a tracking link. The link doesn’t give any info on the shipper. It just told me it was “out for delivery” on December 10. Through numerous emails with Breazy they simply say they have contacted the shipper (Rocketship) and will get back with me “when they hear from the shipper”. I’ve asked them numerous times what is the shipper telling them, and I get no response. I’ve asked them for a contact number or email for Rocketship so I can try to find my package, but they won’t give me any info. I can’t find anything on the web about Rocketship. At this point I’m just assuming that Breazy is either a scam or they simply don’t care about their customer once the credit card has been charged. Anyone else with this problem?


@Jwp well that just sounds like a shit experience. I’ve placed numerous orders from them, BUT, before the change (shipping bans), and had no issues whatsoever with any order. NOW that we are POST shipping ban status, AND they’re using Rocketship, that status may have changed.


I searched Rocketship Shipping on Google, and came up with a few hits. Looks like there may be a few companies using the Rocketship name.

One was in Kingston Jamaica, with a warehouse in Doral / Miami FL, one appeared to be in New Orleans.

I’m retired from the expediting / air charter business. There are some greasy spider companies out there. If I was to guess, they are an air freight forwarder of some sort.

You’ll have to decide when enough is enough. Might consider contacting your CC company, and get them involved. Sometimes that will shake loose some requested info that Breazy hasn’t provided.

Good Luck!


Yeah, the only real info I found on Rocketship was the one in Jamaica. I guess my issue is that Breazy seems to take the attitude of “we got your money and sent it to the shipper. That’s your problem.” I would think that most reputable companies would have either re-shipped (if it’s been lost) the item or given the credit back to my card. It’s only $51 but apparently that $51 is more important to them than a customer. I completely understand the shipping issues, since out boneheaded govt decided to implement this ridiculous rule, but they have not given me any reason to believe that they have actually contacted the shipper with the issue. It’s entirely possible they have put in a claim with the shipper, will collect the $ from them and keep my $.
I appreciate the input guys/gals.


I may be wrong but it seems that tracking has changed POST ban vs. PRE ban. I don’t know about Europe mail but I see changes and notice what I think is a consistent pattern, different than before.

Pre ban I was always able to use 17 TRACK to see shipping status from Chinese vendor fulfillment, any recordable track thru out China to the point it leaves China, followed by a longish wait between China and the US. Once in the US the Chinese vendor only knows it’s arrived and is awaiting pickup by the next link in the transport chain. This is where I enter the tracking number into the USPS website or app. I always choose the cheap shipping option and it usually is picked up by USPS, even Post ban(for me, I’m sure it depends on where it’s going). As soon as USPS takes possession I can track every step till it hits my door.

Post ban, I get vender status when the order is fulfilled and once when it’s picked up just stating that it’s shipped. After that there is nothing till it arrives at a US USPS sorting facility, then I get notifications but I’m not sure I’m seeing as much detail as before. It is not unusual for packages from China to the US to take over a month, especially during holiday times when shipping volumes are higher than normal.

My guess is that you are not hearing anything back from Breazy because Breazy doesn’t know anything more than you do at this point. Breazy is not out to take your money and not deliver. I have never had any problem with them and they have been in business for a long time. You can’t stay in business and remain a real player if you don’t deliver.

Things have changed and I guess shipping is providing less tracking status to vendor and consumer alike to facilitate getting packages through the system with less scrutiny by officials and systems in place out to enforce certain restrictions.

I’ve also noticed that none of my orders have entered the US (afaikt) on the North East where they always used to arrive. Now it usually Los Angeles California on the West coast. I live in the middle between East and West coasts. If they are still arriving on the East coast I don’t hear about it till it’s at a West coast sorting facility.

I can’t advise you on how you should handle your shipment but I would continue to wait.


@JiM210 makes a valid point. Even pre ban orders from the Chinese distributors, a month+ in transit was considered normal. Steep time for shipping.

Just to be clear, when I mentioned the greasy spider companies, it was directed at the delivery mode, after the shipment reaches the US, not at the Chinese sellers. They want your business as bad as we want our items. In my book, some of the US vape retailers could take lessons from the Chinese customer service.

Someone fill me in, about the domestic shipping regs for vape related shipments. Do the big carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc) still ship said products Biz to Biz, per usual?


Just an update:
It’s now December 31, 2021 and I still have no product and no real information from other than “when we hear from the shipper we will let you know”. I ordered this back on Nov 22 and they charged my credit card immediately. They seem to be good at taking your money but not real good at getting you what you paid for.


It’s the alternative network of shippers that are taking their sweet ass time. Breazy has their hands tied. They’re trying to stay in business and doing whatever they can. The USPS, FedEx, and UPS bans have hurt just about every legit store out there. Some still use those methods I mentioned but aren’t supposed to.

The reason why lots of us stocked up is because of shit like this. I don’t even shop at US sites anymore. The taxes, signature fee, and whatever else they tack on just isn’t worth it. Plus, you’re waiting around for longer than showboat China time.

I don’t see how these places are gonna make it. I see several posts every week about people sick of waiting. I know vapers want their shit “right now”, but it isn’t happening anymore. The good old days are definitely gone.


That’s been my experience with shipments from China, only my packages seemed to reach the east coast pretty fast from China and then I waited a long time for it to be processed here in the US, usually getting swallowed up by the black hole in Avenel, NJ.

To my knowledge, Breazy started their business in the US and I assumed they were still here.


They were in New Jersey when I started vaping but moved to Vegas a couple of years ago. I used to love shopping there. Taxes drove me out. I’d have to pay more in taxes than the actual items. I put like $120 in my cart and it was over $300 all said and done. F that, they can keep their stuff lol.


Holy Shit! I don’t mind a little bit of tax but that’s highway robbery.


Haha! I know right… Eight vape is set up the same way. There’s a couple of places I can order from still without the crazy add-on expenses. I’m not sure if I’ll get a bill from my state though saying I should’ve paid more. I dunno, we’ll see I guess. I mostly shop in the UK or China now.


Ah, I assumed they were from China. After I posted above I tried to figure out where they are. I never found a answer. All I could find was that they are an “internet based company”. Can a business register their location as "in the Cloud":rofl:

For a US based business I’ve bought a lot of good vape gear at prices lower than China at the times I ordered. I’ve probably only ordered the clearance section items and special holiday sales.


Latest update:
What I purchased (box mod) on Nov 22,2021 did finally arrive on January 6, 2022. Unfortunately the shipper Breazy used did not let me know it was arriving and I wasn’t home to sign for it. Luckily my camera let me know someone was at my door and I was able to talk with the delivery guy from 30 miles away (amazing technology) and had him stop by a neighbor and had them sign for it. I understand the ridiculous rules out govt has implemented but still blame Breazy for not letting me know what was going on. All they would tell me was “we’ve reached out to the carrier” but no follow up on what the carrier told them. I will not be using them anymore.