Any Recipe Thoughts On Orange Mango With Stevia?

I just bought some of this CAP Orange Mango With Stevia
and was wondering if anyone out there has ever tried it and had any success.

Looking for a little advice with these flavorings

Orange Mango with Stevia CAP 3%

Optional Fruit Flavors
Coconut FA 0.75%
Jelly Candy CAP 0.5%
Golden Pineapple CAP
Super Sweet CAP
Erythritol Liquid Sweetener (Just To Enhance The Fruit Sweetness)
Sweet Raspberry-TFA
Sweet Tangerine-CAP
(Optional) Lemonade-FLV
Sweet Strawberry CAP
Strawberry Ripe TFA
Red Touch Strawberry FA

Bavarian Cream-TFA
Biscuit Concentrate-INW
Sweet Cream CAP
Marshmallow TFA

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have you tested SF yet ???


Just because I’m feeling creative

Bav cream 2%
Orange mango 4% (I don’t know much about this flav…2-4%)
Straw ripe 2.5%
Coconut fa 0.25% (mouth feel)


No but I should first, that would be a smart idea on the CAP Orange Mango With Stevia for sure first
On the others I have.

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off the top of my head when i read your first post i thought pineapple would be a good match , what is interesting is the addition of stevia

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This is what I ended up trying. It tastes great pre steep.