Any tips on Mulberry (FA)

I just got a 10ml bottle of this as a “freebie” with an order. I only usually use strawberries in my mixes so any ideas what I can do with this? Not many notes in the database to go on, but suggests it can easily overpower other flavours.

Bear in mind I usually only do custards and do not want to have to buy anything else to use this.

My stash currently for reference…


I’m just like you when it comes to my mixes. The only thing I can think of is maybe try it as an enhancer for the strawberries. Just a smidge, ya know?


I never liked any florals at all when i vaped mostly custards, in my book they just dont go well together. I might try it very low in some lemonade or something fruity. Maybe even some teas.

Ive been ordering from BCF for a really long time and recently they sent me a free flavor for the first time. It was Sweet Musk (VTA), that shit aint going anywhere near anything i vape. Not that i didnt appreciate the thought but i am not vaping old lady butt…


Can’t say I’ve ever had a mulberry even though my grandma used to have a tree in the backyard, we used to pick them and get purple hands :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was curious so did google, didn’t find much that would go with your stash tho.

Maybe Vanilla Bean Mulberry Cake,
Mulberry Chhesecake,
Mulberry cookie/muffin?


Hehe, I was waiting to hear what YOU thought of it @Ianc13.


Yes @TorturedZen, I saw one of the comments said to use it really low due to overpowering a mix at 1.5%. Might be one of those sub 1% flavours.

I am not even sure I have vaped something classed as floral @Ken_O_Where, nothing I can think of anyway. @Frunkster said “raspberry/blackberry/tayberry with a very mild but notable floral hint” so hopefully not too overbearing.

Thanks @Sevencasper :hugs:. It sounds like an interesting flavour, might try it with some creams to work out it’s profile.

HaHa, that will be interesting with my taste difficulties… but hey, I will give it a whirl and see what happens.


I’ve only SF that Mulberry at 1.5% and it got very floral to me, so I never mixed it in a recipe.
We had Mulberry trees in the backyard when I was a kid only thing I saw Nana making with them was jam. They were better for fighting/throwing at the brothers than eating,


Hmmmmm, wonder if you could throw that bottle ??



Hehe @Ianc13 that’s what MAKES me want to read what you think !!!


Ok, so as I said above I am not even sure I have vaped something “floral”. That means I have no idea what floral means in a vape situation.

What am I missing?


Oh @Ianc13 with all of the flavors I’ve tested, I have tried MORE than a few “Florals” and they were brutal. SOMETIMES, not always I overflavored, and was able to REDUCE my way, BACK into sanity, OTHER times, the flavors were just BAD, and never improved.

Floral can be different to different people, but for me, it/they were VERY unpleasant and typically shut down ALL testing, and I dump the tank. Perfume-y, even soapy at times, which typically sums them up for me.


“what floral means in a vape situation”

When you walk past that person on the street who has too much perfume on and it jumps down your throat and tries to choke you, but it’s in your tank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Personally I love florals. Viloet, jasmine, and honeysuckle are my personal favorites. Elder flower is a bit too herby for me though and rose too is just meh.


OMG we know those people. There is a lady who has her horse at the same place my wife works, she is a smoker and tries to cover the smell with perfume. Literally makes me gag when she walks past us! Lol


Oh, ok @Letitia. I don’t suppose you have ever tried the mulberry or have any suggestions? I am going to SFT it this weekend but really not sure what to start it at percentage wise…


Hadn’t heard of the fa mulberry until this thread. Have to admit I’m intrigued and may add it to my next order. I’d pair it up with a sweeter cream or cheesecake, start very low at 0.2. Would probably add a blackberry or raspberry as well and maybe a mellow citrus. If you have a soft custard steeped you might try a drop in 5-10ml to get a feel for it.


Thanks mate, I do have a few steeped so will give that a try. Will also try a solo, a CC and a sweet cream one really low to see how it interacts.


Test one: 5 drops in 15ml FA Custard Premium (7% solo) 80vg 1mg.
Vapefly Galaxies RTA 0.89 ohm (3.5ish volts) SS316L at 14 watts.

Not very strong but definitely a “fruity” feel to it.

Test 2: Put in another 5 drops…

Now, this is quite interesting…
This has a dark fruit sort of feel to it. I say feel as it’s not exactly a taste as such, but rather a sense of dark fruit in the back of the nose. It has a strange actual taste that I can’t quite describe, not a blackberryish or similar to me, but more like a sweetish syrup of some kind.

Seems to promote saliva production but at the same time is quite dry at the back of my throat. The only mix I have had for for years that has made me cough with a bit of harshness at the back of my throat.

The main thing I get from this is a throat hit that is similar to when I was on 18mg nic at the start of my vaping journey. It’s really bizarre but not totally unpleasant despite the cough mentioned above.

Leaves an interesting aftertaste that is initially OK but gets a bit cloying after a while.

All in all it is “different”. Not something I would go out of my way for, but not totally unpleasant. I get the feeling I have had something in my childhood that had a similar taste, but no idea what it was…


Harshness should mellow out with a steep. I can’t vape FA jasmine for at least a couple weeks after mixing. If you want a floral to play with INW purple rain is a violet/vanilla flavor. Really nice mellow floral on it’s own and should compliment your custards in a subtle way. TFA honeysuckle is also very soft that pairs very well with vanilla creams.


Thanks for the tips and suggestions @Letitia, it will be interesting how this flavour develops over time. If I remember correctly I had a raspberry flavour (TPA?) that had a similar feel ages ago so perhaps it too was a aromatic? Anyway, let me know if you do add it to your next order as I would be interested in your thoughts on it. :smiley: