Anybody interested in Hangsen? put some up if you want to check them out! Super potent concentrates, so use lightly! :smiley:

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There is one Hangsen I’ve been wanting to purchase (Italian Cream) so I checked out the site, I’ve been thinking of purchasing it from a different location/vendor, so I’m still holding off so as to make a larger purchase to spread out the shipping fees. While there I compared a couple of items I had just purchased from Nicotine River, the DIY Vapor Supply seems a good bit higher imho (CAP Sweet Strawberry and Nonna’s Cake right off the bat comparisons… from NicRiver Nonna’s 60ml is 6.50 and the Sweet Strawberry 150ml is 12.99 at the DIY Vapor Supply those same items are Nonna’s 30ml at 9.95 and CAP Sweet Strawberry is 120ml at 18.95). I’m sure there are some good bargains on the site, but I didn’t see them for items I would normally purchase. Not trying to say the site isn’t good, but I would cost compare prior to impulse buying from it. I guess I will have to wait a bit longer to make that CreamStone of @Alisa fame g

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Tab Blended Tobacco is one of my first E Liquid 18mg. purchases which I can remember fondly. I have been promising myself to purchase the flavor but I never can remember. Been told it is the same flavor as HS E liquid with the same name as the flavor.

I bought a few Hangsen recently, but the only one I have tried is honey peach. I wanted to get and idea of how it would taste. So I shook the bottle and put it 10 drops in an American pint of seltzer. I could test nothing. So I put in 20 drops more, I still could taste NOT one thing. Finally I added ten more and decided that Hangsen must be the weakest flavor company in the world.

So are the others more concentrated? If anyone is familiar with Honey Peach and could comment on it I’d like to hear about it. . .because I was not positively impressed with that flavor. But all companies have “one.”

Hangsen RY4 is my goto RY4 vape