Anybody see that Snow Wolf video?

Bump it to the 5 minute mark and watch the fireworks!


That scared the holy hell out of me!

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Umm, should that happen on a regulated mod? It scares the shit out of me as I have the Snow Wolf as well.

Certainly isnt the first regulated mod ive seen go poof.

Damn, I think it’s time to re-wrap my batteries. Just order some shrink wrap on ebay.

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Better safe than sorry thats for sure. If you have small nic in the wrap you can use some clear nail polish as it is non conductive or electrical tape of course.

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You don’t want to see my batteries, mate. one of them is pretty bad.

He has a follow up video, its apparently an issue with the tab on the bottom of the battery door, the tab is wide(and easy) enough to come in contact with the battery contacts at the bottom of the sled and short out.
At one point you hear him say “yeah, you put the batteries in right, see…” and you see the display lit, but then he opens the door to see/show, puts it back and POW!!!

Just be careful when putting the door back on, I guess. But if it were me, and it wasn’t necessary, id grind that tab either off or down.


My snow wolf sparks like a static shock sometimes when I close the door…THIS VIDEO FREAKS ME OUT!! I thought he was vaping on the same wolf later in the video lmao…

That does not sound safe!


Ive heard atleast one other say that after watching that video.

AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO I AGREE!! It doesnt shock me just look really close(if you have one, not in the video) when the door touches it sparks very small just like a light static shock nothing heavy. I really was thinking after I posted, this person may have jammed that door perpendicular under the batteries. I wonder if some people use the door to pry out the batteries…PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT sheeesh That makes me cringe when it pops…I still get the shivers afterwards when I think about it lol

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That’s crazy … wow

That was set up. You can tell by there reaction.

Set up? Really???
Who wants that kinda stuff to blow up in thier living room, with the fumes, ans the kids?
Well, somebody should have clued the cat in on the plan lol

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my snow wolf sucks batteries even when i’m not using it! The other day couple of them batteries reached 2.8 volt!

Scared the shit outta the poor cat !!

I just looked at my door and the tab at the bottom and at least my tab is nowhere close to my batteries/contact. The only thing I can think of is his batteries had bad raps on them.

Mine has never had any kind of static shock when I put the battery door back on

The shock is very light and I dont think it happened all the time but It may be when I put fresh batteries in, I never really tried to pin point it as I didnt think it was a huge deal. The tab I think got jammed into the battery connectors wasnt the magnet but the little square that sticks out at the bottom of the door. Not sure if thats what tab you meant as well, but on mine the bottom of the battery connectors and the tab are super close. I may have been accidentally letting the magnet go and the door touched it…Im not sure and I dont care to test it!! In the future of using the Wolf, I will be much more careful to close the door from top to bottom and might just put some clear tape on the door to help keep from making contact…