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Anybody snagged a Smoant Cylon Yet?


Want to know if the battery door will stay closed. Per reviewers the beta version did not do so well.


yeah @mjag has one dude…he might be able to help :+1:


Thanks! 10 char


I have had my Cylon for about 6 days so far and no battery door problems. So far I am pretty happy with it, so much so I will probably order the tarnish as well. Backed up with reviews but will try and get the Cylon review up in about a week.


Beautiful! Appreciate it!!!


Bump. Anyone else have one?

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According to USPS I should have one before end of day. Per comments here and on other forums I went ahead with the tarnish. Will report back in after playing with it a bit.


Thanks . I almost ordered one yesterday and thought I would wait.

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I don’t blame you a bit. So hard to know how they will perform.


Very true but I have to say that all Smoant products I have bought have been really good. 2 Battlestars, 1 Charon, 2 RDA’s and 4 RTA’s. Can’t say the same about any other company. But, the door issue made me hesitate.


i still dont have a battlestar its on my list , but i did get a charon and its my fave mod


Going to finish up my review next week for the Cylon but was watching some youtube vape talk show with mike vapes to hear about the feud between him and djlsb, gotta get some vape drama now and then. During that he did bring up the Cylon and mentioned the battery door and fire button issue with his. I tried my fire button but am able to fire it from the bottom, top and middle, his would not fire if he hit the fire button on bottom.
With the battery door if I run it along my mouse pad without downward force there is no problem, if I apply downward force I can get it to open. I will say the battery door on the Joyetech Espion I just reviewed is better though but in normal use I have not had any problems with the Cylons battery door. I know Mike vapes got his Cylon a long time before I got one, he may have gotten a beta unit as well, mine had no “Sample” marking on the box or mod.

The software for firmware updates and custom wallpaper is out, this link will just automatically download the software when you click it http://smoant.com/cylon-update.rar I did do a custom wallpaper and screensaver, was easier than doing the same thing for my G class.


Not gonna chatter too much as @mjag will do a much better job per his pending review, but I bonded with this one in a hurry. Plug and Play TC out of the box and the door is as good as any of the same general construction. Now, what happens in six months, who knows.



I see that this thread is a few months old but I thought I’d chime in after I’ve had one since around March. I saw this thread earlier in the year but waited till I got a few months with it. Battery door does have a bit of a problem coming open but not too bad. The screen has a lot of lines going through it and seems to be a common problem among the earlier units. Supposedly Smoant will send new screens but you have to jump through a few hoops to get there. Having said that, I absolutely love this thing. I like it so well I’m planning on getting another one soon. I have heard that some of these issues were addressed in later versions so I guess I will find out.


I did experience a total loss of screen. It started with some vertical lines, by the next day it was blank but still working. I contacted Smoant and they offered a new Charon Mini or two new displays for the Cylon. Since they also sell the displays I took them up on the Charon Mini offer and also picked up the displays, now I have both. I’m am quite satisfied that they took care of me. Shipping took forever though. I was able to keep using the Cylon the whole time, I just used the same coil/tank combo so I didn’t have to make any adjustments. All that said I freaking love the Cylon. The Charon Mini has same performance and adjustments so I’m going to love it too but I do like the leather and the feel of the Cylon best.


After hearing how you made out, I’m wishing I had done that too. I wouldn’t mind having my old one fixed. I bought the brown one in December and it’s the best mod I have had. Clearly they have made some improvements since my first one was made. I would not hesitate at this point to buy another one. The old one still works so it’s a nice back up but it would be nice to have the screen repaired.


You can still purchase screens. They are reasonably priced (2 for $4) but it’s $10 or $12 USD for shipping. Just so you know, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to get your order.



Thanks for this. Didn’t know you could buy the screens. My copper Battlestar display went out.


These mods have been my daily driver for awhile love them for simplicity