Anybody use a Maganus tank?

Anyone of my fellow ELR peoples use the Maganus Tank? I just found coils for 1.97 a 5 pack let me know if you want a link. They are in US and very reputable.

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The Maganus coils also fit the Freemax Starre tank if anyone has that one.

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@CosmicTruth Has a Freemax Starre Pure :slight_smile:

wow that is cheap, share the link, especially if there ceramic

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I had the Starre original, not sure if the Pure uses the same coils?

Yes, those are only compatible with the OG Starre, not the Pure version.

Thank you very much for sharing @GPC2012

Sorry @CosmicTruth :frowning:
How is the pure ?

No spoilers:
I don’t want to answer that question yet, I will be reviewing it so watch for that :slight_smile:

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I used one for a while and gave it to my son in law. He has gone full RTA on me now. There’s a lot of ebay sellers that buy knock off coils from China in huge bundles and sell nothing but knock off coils so just know they might not be authentic.

They’re from a reputable dealer, I know them and shop there frequently, but they’re not registered here so if you want the name PM me.