Anybody use HS Aloe Vera?

Not a heck of a lot of info online about this one, from what I can find.

My brother-in-law came over for his weekly juice pickup and brought a bottle of NIX SALT - EDEN, Aloe, Apple and a hint of Grape. Kind of an intriguing smell and the profile seemed really interesting. I’m not looking to clone 1:1 but it seemed like it would be a fun profile to build.

I could tell it wasn’t INA cactus giving the impression of aloe, it was bang on aloe vera. The only one I can find is HS. Wondering if anybody has played with this at all, any tips on usage would be appreciated.


very interesting i made watermelon / peach / cactus vape trying to replicate an aloe vera drink i drink while the cactus wasnt bad it wasnt right as the aloe vera so please let me know what you find ty


Ok will do. I’ve got the aloe on order now, I’ll run a few tests and report back.


OK. Got my vapemail a few days ago and mixed some of the aloe vera last night, at 1% 3% and 5% in a 70\30 blend 0mg.

Its kind of weird one. Sort of like TFA cucumber and INA cactus had a baby. Kind of what you would expect from an aloe vera, but it doesn’t taste like aloe vera to me… that being said, I don’t regularly eat aloe vera or have the drinks and probably don’t know what aloe vera is supposed to taste like lol. (Last time I had aloe vera was after a very long day at the beach without sunscreen quite a few years ago)

overnight steep
1% faint juiciness, very mild flavor, minimal throat hit (significantly less than what cactus would give at 1%).

3% the flavor opens up and the sort of “green” floral sort of notes come forward, but not overpowering at all. More juiciness, unoffensive, nothing “off” to speak of. pleasantly sublte. Still minimal throat hit.

5% starts to take on some bitter spicy notes, but not overly offensive. Getting like a weird… “appley” sort of hint of flavor… weird.

I’m not sure what I think about this flavor. It seems like it would be good mixer. Probably a good enough replacement for cactus, seems like it would be much more forgiving in a mix than ina cactus but much weaker. It’s not bad at all. I think with a little sweetener this would shine nicely in a mix.

Sorry if my notes aren’t all that great @fidalgo_vapes.

I’ll stop by in a week and let you know if there is any change after a steep :smiley:


the notes are great and i think at 3% from what your describing would be what the aloe vera drinks taste like try adding a couple fruits to that 3pct a good combo is watermelon and peach its actually the aloe vera drink i had i posted a recipe this summer with cactus / peach / watermelon it was good but missing something and this flave may be it thank you


This is something i have done a lot of. A few years ago i used Aloe Cure for stomach ulcers and it was nasty, it tastes exactly what it smells like and picked up flavor from the plastics it was sold in yet it was lightly sweet. I think part of its awfulness was the consistency of it, it was very viscous and it coated the mouth/throat. Gave me the chills. It was pure aloe juice. Another odd thing is that it was like cool whip, it never tasted cold, frackin creepy…

Now the burps from it were much better tasting/smelling, if that isnt to gross. Very light aloe smell and taste that i always thought grape, apple, cran-apple or apricot juice would be good to mix with it but i never tried it because of the dosage.

I can see watermelon working well with it, if it tastes anything like real aloe it might be good to smooth off harshness at low %s. Ive looked at this one a few times but i cant even use aloe on my ginger skin anymore. shiver

Hope something in these ramblings helps.


I was thinking of trying to mix it with a very light amount of FLV wild melon to see how they play together. I think this could be quite useful. Cheers!


Good luck, keep us updated on your experiments. :slight_smile:

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