Anyone any experience of purchasing from Vapesourcing?

Wanting to purchase the Hcigar VT75c Colour. Vapesourcing seem to be the cheapest for the black version only. Never had any experience of purchasing from them before. Are they legit products or grey market, that they sell and a reliable company to deal with, from other peoples experiences?

Next best for red or black is Gearbest, I have used these plenty of times before but $17 more expensive (but they do, do the red version).

One other thing Gearbest offer shipping insurance if the package gets lost, can’t see that with Vapesourcing. As it is tracked does that suffice if it goes astray?

As for Fastech they just keep pushing the available dates back for this product, so have to discount them

Ya i have bough a fair bit from them over the last year or so they are reliable. Sometimes a little slow to get things out the door but I have never had any real issues. It is a no clone zone as far as I am aware.

Make sure you check the shipping and add that to the price vapesourcing is not an all inclusive price


Thanks for that, it is £30-£40 cheaper from China than Uk for this product, but as 2 of my 3 mods have gone in the last 2 weeks. I might have to bite the bullet and buy from the UK, as If my last one goes, I will have to panic buy something anyway.

I have purchased plenty from Vapesourcing, they are legit.
Check out 3avape, another China vape place.
They have really good deals and free shipping.

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