Anyone Balancing out purchases?

Right now there are a couple recipes I want to try, but currently I have enough stuff to sustain my regular mix for six months or so.

I’m holding off ordering any flavors or vg though, instead prioritizing my hardware purchases.

I’m ordering 2 more sub box minis tomorrow, and two tanks, four packs of coils. Most likely same order every two weeks until that fda crap kicks in.

My thoughts are, boxes/tanks/mods and coils will be the first to become scarce. I will have a good stockpile of coils, and when those run out, I can buy the items to use the rebuildables kanger gives with every tank. I will have accumulated (read = hoarded) 14 sub boxes, and 28 tanks.

Also nic. Most likely getting higher nic percent and ordering a bottle on a similar buying pattern, freeze the bulk of it.

The rest … Well the recipes will have to wait, we will always be able to get flavors/vg.

Preparing for worst case scenario, if it magically all sorts itself out, well, I won’t have to buy sub boxes for a long long time.

Am I the only crazy one? :grimacing:


Nothing crazy about having a plan. I think it’s a good idea.

I bit the bullet and bought all supplies needed to start building my own coils, an rda and a new mod. And 6 batteries

I did buy another pack of crown coils pretty well stocked up now. But spent my 3 month vape budget in one shot.

Probably what I have left to buy is a other Ipv product probably the newer version of the ipvd2 I have…the d3. I really how compact it is and how well the one I have has held up. Really m, it’s been my only mod since October last year and still runs like a champ. I think it will hold together for a whole year or two.

Yea i figured … with the FDA regulations looming at the end of summer, it’d be a good idea to stock up as much as I can with items that will probably not be available after that. Rest of the stuff can wait, kanthal, cotton, flavors, etc. all should be easy to get still after the reg’s go into effect.

I feel a bit cheated, I just started vaping a few years ago after quiting smoking cold turkey. Now i’m semi worried I’ll run out of hardware supplies and be up a creek. So … time to order and hoard. Like I said, if it all works itself out, whatever, i just won’t have to buy hardware for a few years, no biggy.

I have 5 mods, 3 lipos and 2 18650 type. I have 3 tanks and 5 rdas and bought a bunch of wire and cotton. I think it could be the Nic that could be the real problem and the fact everything will cost more and taxed heavily. You aren’t crazy at all if you can afford to hoard.

After reading some financial information this morning I’m seriously starting to wonder if part of this attack on e-cigs has something to do with China selling off a bunch of bonds earlier in the year. They didn’t like China dumping dollars like that.

Don’t get me wrong, this is going to hurt us as vapers but the real damage is going to be to China in exports. Vape gear is a huge money maker for them and our government makes way more money from a burning leaf addiction.

Naw we’re all a bit crazy, but that’s what makes the vaping crowd so interesting and fun to be around. I’d love to buy a new mod every payday but just can’t always do it. If I had the scratch I’d buy a case or two of a couple of my favorite mods and sub tanks. a couple gallons of nic and ten or fifteen gallons VG

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So what is the latest update on regulations in the US so far?? Brothers from the down under need to get ready too depending on what you guys do :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, i’m unsure. Essentially I’m preparing for worst case scenario. The info out there is varying, and not consistent. Which makes me believe, no one really knows. Essentially everyone is interpreting the regulations differently, and until the FDA comes out and breaks it down to layman’s terms, i don’t think we’ll know.

Yeah its a good idea. I just bought $120 worth of 120ml flavorings and a liter of 100mg nic just in case. Even if the regs don’t directly affect diy, I would imagine some places might take advantage and raise prices.

I for one am not looking forward to putting more money in the pockets of big tobacco, god knows I’ve given them enough.

maybe hr2058 could help, but that requires everyone to write their local representative.

Some of my fav online stores are already out of stock of some items, here’s hoping they restock before they can’t anymore.