Anyone bought Flavorah flavorings?

Lots of chatter about this new flavoring company on the DIY sub. Flavorah seems to be a strong flavoring that helps keep the VG levels high. I bought the 7 pack for 35$ which they double with a reddit code, see this thread. Sadly i asked for all custard which should arrive any day. I say sadly because of the taster notes ive been reading on the other flavors which seems to indicate that they are all excellent. I love custards, as you may recall since i never shutup about them, but wish i had grabbed a few of the others, especially the strawberry and coffee.

These flavorings are made for vapers and the recipes are all ready popping up all over the DIY sub.


Here’s a couple of links to let you know where they get their product. Always good to know about the company that actually makes the flavoring.


I’m interested ! Let me know how they turn out !

@redruffensore has some Flavorah tasting notes on reddit - I think he’ll post them here, when they’re completed :smile:

I really want to try their line, but they don’t ship internationally, and they haven’t replied to my emails :frowning: There was a redditor that offered to act as a middle man for me - I think I might take him up on his offer! Their Vanilla Custard is supposedly perfect :smile:

Sounds like I’ll be buying a few new flavors on payday, aka midnight lol

Should have them all tasted in a week or so. I’ll post everything ASAP. Hopefully, folks will find them useful.

The company seems to be in the fledgling stage as yet. Hopefully, they’ll be able to expand to international orders. We shall see.


Ive been following them and they are making me sad because of my lack of variety when i ordered, hehe. Looks like ill have to wait to order anything else, i didnt realize how much i had spent on flavorings in the last two months, the wife let me know. :grimacing:

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Hey, the good thing is it keeps you off the streets and out of trouble! Let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?

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Ill try that line on her but she is pretty pissed. I have heard her yell 5 times in the 13 years we have been together, yesterday was one of them. I did get a bit carried away, of course i bought all 4oz bottles because why buy less? hehe.

Reckon ill have to sell some juice to even things out a bit.

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The price they mentioned in the Reddit thread for shipping to the UK ($101) is bullshit and I’ve called them out on it. (Both UPS and DHL would cost around $40 for a package containing all three of their multipacks.)

Should they show some interest, between us I think we could manage a worthwhile order even at those costs.

If they don’t want to ship to Europe, that’s fine. But I hate being fed crap excuses…


Just making an observation comment on the Flavorah website from:

Even with a discount with ELR, the flavors are $4.50 per, I’m guessing 10ml? A bit steep, considering other vendor pricing, huh?

The website does not say how many ml are in the bottle. However, they have taken the time to photograph a penny by each bottle. Really?

I’m not one to worry too much about prices if it’s something I want… sometimes quality cost. It’s still cheaper than analogs and premade juice. I’ve been very happy with my previous flavors. BTW they are 15ml.


I did find on the eBay Flavorah store way more info that their website offers:

So, their small bottles of flavorings are 15ml.

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…with a 15 to 20% discount being offered, Flavorah’s pricies are about even with what, say Bull City Vapor, would sell Flavourarts flavorings with no discount.

Just info for the masses.

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It doesn’t seem too expensive to me - they’re very strong, comparable to Flavour Art, and it’s 15ml - I am used to 10ml Flavour Art being around $3.60 :smile:

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I’m at the point of buying the best flavors I can get. I’d rather over pay for a good flavor than spend 10 cent on a bad flavor. I probably own 100 subpar flavors from not knowing what was good in the beginning. For me price will not be a barrier when it comes to good flavors.


I ready for you subnopsis ( pun *) of each flavor Drip !

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[Heads-up for UK and EU mixers]

I grabbed a handful of Flavorah’s concentrates from Chefs Vapour’s stand at Vapefest today (at a specially discounted price).
They’ve only got a limited selection right now and should be available from their website early next week.

Yay! More Flavorah in EU :smiley: Awesome! VapourDepot is another UK vendor that has them right now!

I’m hoping that Chefs Vapour end up cheaper than Vapour Depot!
(Their VF special offer was 3 x 15ml for £10!)