Anyone come up with a good apple/lime based recipe?

The other day a buddy had me try Jarhead which is a sour apple/lime liquid. I never thought of that combo before but it was delicious. I’m not trying to clone it, but make something in the same category. Just wondered if anyone was into apple/lime that could share a recipe. I’ve been looking on the site and nothing stuck out as of yet… Thanks.


Wish I had an answer for you. Long time no see.

Hey there… Got a new job working for the man, so that’s what I’ve been up to. I lurk here when I can but haven’t participated much.

As a base I’m thinking CAP Lemon Lime or FA Distilled Lime… maybe FA Fuji w/TPA Sour. FA Liquid Amber might work instead of sour… idk… still thinking.

I was thinking sour apple flv and lime flv. I think fa lime would be too natural.

You’re prolly right… The FA limes are the only ones I have atm. I need to make an order anyway. Fuji might be too natural too now that you’ve got me thinking about it.

that does sound like a good combo, i will habe to write that in my book , right now im chasing a key lime pie profile and its whooping my ass lol , that cap lemon lime sounds interesting

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DIY or die have a recipe called Wanderlust on their site Wanderlust which I adapted for my stash, and it came out pretty nice.

Uses CAP Lemon Lime and Liquid Amber as well :sunglasses: