Anyone else miss Vape Wild?

I was trying to clone (s+c)2 which was my adv for a long time, and smurf cake. I found a few bottles stashed away at a beer store in town and realized how far off I was. I’ve almost got smurf cake down but I just can’t figure out the light cinnamon. All I’ve got on the s+c2 is fw whipped cream, fw sweet cream, and I think it’s a bavarian Cream but I don’t know. I had a shop owner tell me it was 3 creams and 3 strawberries but who knows. Any thoughts on those or comments on your own Vape Wild experience?


As a mixer? Not even a little bit. :rofl:

They were average mixes at best, with marginal flavor choices in most cases.


I was thinking the same thing.


You’ve probably got those right…but I’ve never tried to recreate it.

For the most of their stuff (at least, the ones I tried), I’d suggest FW, TFA, and Cap.

For the strawberry, I’d start by playing with:
TFA strawberry ripe
Cap sweet strawberry
And maybe FA strawberry (red touch).

Honestly though, you should come pretty close just by playing with the ‘big 3’ brands.


Their Gwar line, there was a chocolate one that was excellent after a good steep, name eludes me now. Edit: God I’m having a Senior Moment…that was Mount Baker. Nevermind…


German Chocolate Beefcake!!! (still not Vape Wild tho.)


Wow, I feel like a goober lol. I never bought many pro juices, mainly house juices. I knew their Butterbeer wasn’t as good as a house butterbeer I got in Tupelo, MS (miss it). Not a lot of vape shops where I live, even if there was I’m too broke to buy good ones.


I did buy a bottle of unicorn milk one time at a gas station but it was too old and I couldn’t taste it.

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Don’t feel bad. Most “pro” eliquid is the same level of ‘quality’ as most house eliquid. The only difference in many cases is the fancy label, and the fact that it’s sold nationally.

There are a few exceptions from time to time (where they are really expertly crafted [read as well balanced] or use ‘premium’ flavor houses), but those are rarer IMO.

I’ve been let down by the majority of so called premium eliquid. The only thing premium about the most of them was the price.


Poor to subpar juice imho. Even my crappy juice is/was better than theirs.