Anyone else's emoji's stopped working?

And it’s when you click a face and not the more button?

In chrome:

Settings - about - check for updates

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Aha! Never clicked that lol

Try typing : and clicking more on the pop up does it work then? :wink:

nope, what it actually does is goes all dark for a second then reboots the page :confused:

I can start typing after : and it gives me more like that one…

but no selection box

Do you have the latest chrome version?

Odd. I have no problems. To see if it’s an addon/plugin/cache problem, try opening a new Incognito window (CTRL+SHIFT+N in Chrome) and see if it acts the same way.

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boom, I just reset my chrome and it works! :clap::grin:

weird how it was at the same time on 2 comps though :confused:

thanks for your help buddy :wink:

happy now haha


all sorted Lars, must of been because it’s my google on both comps, picked up a nasty somewhere.

cheers tho :wink:

I am always puzzled by those types of “errors”! Great that it’s sorted! :smiley: