Anyone ever mixed up Ginger Ale from scratch?

G’day everyone,

I was thinking about my dear old Dad (since passed) the other day and the memory of him making us kids homemade ginger ale came to mind for some reason. When I was buying store bought I used to love Vista Vapors Ginger Soda. It was uncanny how close it was to the stuff that my dear old Dad used to make and immediately after the exhale I would just smile :joy:

Anyways I’m here reaching out for some opinions and help (hopefully) on making up a Ginger Ale from scratch without using TPA Ginger Ale. I consider NOT using that flavor as a challenge and as paying homage to the ol’ man (yeah soppy I know but he always taught me to never take the easy way out).

Fair warning: I’m not a good mixer by any stretch (at best I’m sorta average) but I’m reading, absorbing and trying to understand how flavors interact with others. Mixing up basic recipes and tweaking for my tastes as I go along. Sometimes it’s hard as I mainly use tanks and vape 50/50. Anyway, I digress…

OK, had no idea to start with so went and looked at some GA food recipes and most, if not all, had the following ingredients that were common:

• Ginger
• Water
• Sugar or Honey
• Club Soda
• Lime Juice or Lemon Juice

I sat at my computer and thought “what could I use that could possibly mimic those flavors” and the only things that popped into my head were:

• Ginger and Champagne or
• Ginger and Lemonade or
• Ginger, Honey, Lemon and Sour.

Just so ya know, I scoured the recipe database (and other online sources) but too many of them were using that TPA Ginger Ale and as I said, I wanna try doing this without using that flavor, be it TPA or some other brand. But hey if worse comes to worse, I might have to. I’d rather not though.

So my ELR brothers and sisters, any suggestions? Anyone ever made up a GA from scratch? Any and all advice gratefully accepted. While my stash is somewhat limited at the moment (actually ordered 15 flavors tonight but not updated yet) I am obviously more than willing to get myself whatever is required … more than willing. Two of the ones I ordered tonight that might be useful were FA Lemon Sicily and FLV Honey Bee. Not sure if the FLV HB would work as I’ve never tried it.

OK, thanks for reading this rather long post/question and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Cheers…


Can’t say I’ve tried mixing this, but I’d go for:
Soda Base (SC) Real Flavors
Ginger (NF)
Lime (MF) or Lemon (MF) (…or you can go for the cheaper RFSC lemon if you must, but it won’t taste so natural)
Wild Honey (Botanic Elixir) .

The only flavour I don’t have in my stash is that all-important Ginger, cos I have big problems getting hold of NF here in Britain (and also, Ginger brings me out in mouth ulcers! :frowning: but I love the stuff and that doesn’t stop me induging now and then) But I’ve heard very good reports of it. What country are you in?

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Ha-Ha @jay210 I have none of those flavors you mentioned. Ain’t it always the case? But hey, I’ll write ‘em down and do some research. Appreciate the response. BTW, I’m all the way down here in the biggest island in the world (Australia). Cheers…


Ah. You’ll have the same problem with getting hold of NF that I do then :(. The Botanic Elixir ships pretty cheaply though (from Vapour Depot in the UK) , and I’d also recommend going to UK (rather than USA) outlets for RF, cos the shipping tends to be much cheaper. Your fellow Aussie @woftam always recommends Chef’s, for low shopping copsts, IIRC . I recommend RainbowVapes for a wider selection of RF , but I don’t know what their International shipping rates are like .
MF is expensive, wherever you are in the world…but worth it!
Then that leaves the problem of where to get the ginger? But hey! NF are not the only manufacturer offering ginger, just the best one, probably (and, also, my own choice is limited by PG-sensitivity, so I haven’t looked into the others so much)
Anyways, I’m sure you’ll get some other suggestions rolling in soon! Good luck with this project!


Sorry never tried ginger (not a fan) but just around the corner from you @Dardy

and maybe



I’m not a great mixer by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve been using and liking a combo of Ginger(HS) and Champagne(TPA) in one of my mixes. It’s a pomegranate/pineapple ginger ale, and the Hangsen Ginger gives it that ginger “bite” that is found usually in craft soda ginger ales that were so popular here in the US a couple of years back.

I’ve tried the TPA Ginger Ale, and found it to be fairly flat, both in flavor and “effervescence”(For wont of a better word) Their Champagne concentrate has a bit more of a bubbly feel to it, but it’s nowhere near soda-bubbly. Hope this helps-Cheers!


@jay210 – thanks, love how you called this a “project”. So apt I reckon. Sort of had it in my head that I’d like to hammer away at this until I get it right. Don’t really mind how long it takes to be honest. Totally worth it if I can just get close to Dad’s recipe. Cheers.

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@woftam – thanks for the suggestions mate. Already have the FLV Ginger and the other two are on the list for next time seeing as I ordered from Tom Sunday night. D’oh! Cheers bro’.

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@paingawd – yeah, I have the TPA Champagne but not the HS Ginger. I’ll go off and do the obligatory research on the HS stuff and if promising, will add that to the list as well. Some may say you can never have too many flavors eh? Might start thinking about some FLV Ginger and TPA Champagne to get the ball rolling. Cheers.

P.S. Yeah, just realised I could’ve replied to all 3 in one post instead of 3. My Bad!:confused:


I make homemade ginger ale. Key ingredients are vanilla, honey (honey bee flv is great) some kind of citrus, and I think Champagne FA would be swell. IMO lemongrass flv should be considered as well. Best of luck.


Thanks, that’s the sort of thing I need to hear @therabidweasel. I have everything you mentioned and can now get started on this. The lemongrass suggestion threw me a bit. Not something I personally would have thought of as I usually equate lemongrass with stir fry and curries. Oh well, on the reading list it goes. A bit more research and then I’ll have some mixes I can play around with percentage-wise on the weekend. Let the fun begin! :grin: Cheers…