Anyone ever order flavors from

I can’t order from them myself cos I get “Your basket contains an item that can’t be shipped to you location” (UK) but I was really curious, so I went back , picked 6 items, and entered my Canadian friend’s address, then clicked “Estimate shipping” and it came back with less that 10 Canadian dollars-- or about £5.60 in my local currency. That didn’t seem so bad. It woulda cost half as much to have it shipped across Britain, but Britain is a much smaller country.

Hmmm. Now I’m wondering if i can get my Canadian friend to ship stuff on for me? But, first, I’d like to know what the big issue was. I don’t want to ask her to break the law!


Its that invisible high wall between u.s and canada, shipping cost are crazy…2 bottles @ 16 bucks then tack on another 40 bucks to ship, crazy


To be fair, if its 100 Canadian bucks, I’ve paid a similar price to have small packages (of concentrates , of course) shipped from the USA to the UK . I just have to make massive orders , at intevals, to make it worth the shipping.
Did they add on your local tax and impirt duties? That wouldn’t help! Dunno about the USA , but in Britain they charge 20% VAT on the postage as well as the contents!

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Thanks for the replies. Sorry to make a thread then go MIA. Today was busy, and I forgot to check back here.

I mentioned in my email to them that I was trying to buy one small thing… maybe after seeing that they didn’t think it was even worth getting back to me. You’re right woftam, time to move on. It’s clear that they’re not the kind of business I want to be dealing with.

Wow, I had no idea that the 100 could be their real charge. It never crossed my mind that it was anything other than a mistake.

Oh well, I’m going to have to break down and pay for a 15 ml bottle of the MF flavor I guess. I hate to spend so much on a single flavor… especially with my track record. Probably 1 or 2 out of 10 new flavors that I buy end up being something that I really like.


No problem :slight_smile: It’s not like you were gone for weeks. To be fair to Cri bru and others, the high international shipping rates are the fault of these (American!) interational shipping companies, not the retailers…They have an extortionate minimum charge for a small packet, and it doesn’t go down, no matter how small you make the packet .

That said, lack of response to email would annoy me, too!

You’ll often get much better rates ordering from Britain or Oz! That doesn’t help a lot though, not in your case, .If you’re after just one concentate (even if it’s MF) it’s gonna be hard to justify anybody’s International Shipping rates, never mind how reasonable. (pity the Chinese don’t sell MF) If I were you. I’d ,order my MF from Good Earth Beauty, and get a free sample size thrown in!


PS, I was assuming you’d seen this thread

But adding it here, just in case.

(Bah! I;m talking to myself again! :laughing: Clicked reply to self by mistake. This is my befuddled attempt to put it right. Must go have my second wake-up coffee! )

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Thanks for the info. I have seen that thread about where to get MF, and I guess I’ll go with Good Earth. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it turns out to be something that I love. I’ve been looking for a good butterscotch flavor for a while, and this feels like my last chance. I have BS from all of the main flavor companies, and can’t get anything to work. (Maybe it’s just my [lack of] mixing skills).

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It’s not your “mixing skills” in the case of butterscotch. It’s just one of those flavors that is nearly (seemingly) impossible for most companies to approximate (into a vape flavor). Kind of like coffee…

MF butterscotch should indeed fill the void on what you’ve been looking for IMO (I use it frequently, at 3-4 drops per 30ml, but expect a 1 month steep!). The only other one that has been even remotely close for me was FW butterscotch natural. Which incidentally, plays quite well with MF BS! (4% FW BS Nat. & 3-4 drops MF = heaven to me)

I know some have a hard time justifying the price of MF, but there really is no alternative when it comes to just an honest to goodness, plain old BS. At least with all the ones I’ve tried (which is quite a few).

Good luck and let us know what pans out!


Nice, thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely try the MF/FW combo.

I’ve wondered if something changed in my taste buds (or it’s the hardware changes over the years). There used to be a couple of BS mixes that I loved. There was a premixed one that was an ADV for a while, but that was near 10 years ago, on those tiny 510 cig-like devices. And, not as long ago (but still many years), I really liked the NF 3x BS, but now it just tastes weird to me.


This must be only place in the world where BS means butterscotch :rofl:
@Sparksfly is right (no BS!.. not the usual sort, anyway) I’ve only tried one butterscotch as yet, so can’t compare. But it was MF and it’s so spot on, I’ve just left my RF Butterscotch, unopened, and neglected in a drawer. Can’t imagine improving on the MF. I probably can’t vape the FW ( due to PG allergy) but I really don;t care :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear. I have some MF on the way, and can’t wait to try it.

I don’t know how high in % I eventually went with the RF, but I could never taste a thing.


That;s interesting. I’ve found a few flavours that are gorgeous at low temperature, but taste disgusting if you turn the heat up. I think that’s most likely the case here!

Luckily for me, I’ve got a bunch of Kanger EMOW mega tanks that i bought cheap in the sales (the little EMOW tanks are equally good for this, but don;t have the male connector, so you need an adaptor to fit them to your mod rather than the matching vape pen)

Thec coils are pretty crap (highly variable in quality, almost every box contains at least one dud) but I just love those tanks; and the coils (when they work!) are perfect for a low temperature vape! I’ve also got some VV pens, but I prefer to screw them onto my box mod and see what wattage I’m vaping at. No t so long ago used to think that temperature was pretty much a function of wattage and coil resistance. but I can see now that coil type makes a huge difference. Of course it does!

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I think you’re right! I’m a pack rat, and have a box of old gear - going back many years. I’ll break some out and try some experiments. I can’t see going back to an old tank or carto permanently, but maybe I could figure a way to make new gear emulate something old to some extent. I don’t care a bit about big clouds, but I do like to feel my hits, so I’d probably need to up the nic to compensate.

What kind of coil does the EMOW have?



There are two types actually (old and improved) which i get confused between, but all seem equally unreliable)

And here are the type of coils that I generally prefer (but get way too hot for some flavours) :slight_smile:

A very different design, as you see!

Will be very intersted to hear the results of your expeiments! And if you can find some workable alternative to crappy Kanger coils, i’ll be jubilant 9even if it means changing tanks) . They just have to be pre-made, for me, cos I lack the fine motor skills for building my own.

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I’ll let you know how it goes with my old pack rat gear.

The 2nd pic is a nautilus coil… do you use that? I’ve heard that they’re really good for flavor (maybe not for low temp though). I’ve been curious about them, but thought they use only pre-made coils, which I’d rather avoid…


yep , it’s a nautilus X coil, and it’s great , IMO, :grinning: I’ve got four nautie X tanks in three different colurs , to help me remember which flavour is in which tank. That didn’t work especially well (i’m getting oooooold, ya see?) so I tried sticking a label on the glass tube instead… with the result that i couldn;t see when the juice got low, and burnt my coil :nauseated_face: :rofl: Ah well, you live and learn.

Do avoid getting the black one. It’s insanely difficult to adjust the air flow, cos ,…well, it’s obvious when you think of it (D’Oh)… how the heck do you see a little black hole on a black background?

Anyway, i’m afraid it’s those U-tech coils that you don’t want want to buy that give the tank it’s rep for flavour. I don’t blame you there, They are pricey, but very reliable and usually last for ages , if you clean them now and then and avoid dry hits! (inserted to remind me not to do that again!)

Aspire have now bought out 0.6 ohm U-tech coils for the PockEx and 1.2 ohm coils for…errr one or the other of those devices. They all fit tthe nautie of course, though it’s nautie to interchange them, according to Aspire’s website :rofl:. I’ve done it anyway. No kaboom :slight_smile: But now, there’s another damned thing for my highly-challenged memory to keep track of *sigh *

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It’s also worth noting that there are some flavors that are quite lackluster until you turn the heat up (anywhere from 38-46w and up).

So yeah, single flavor tests can being much more to light than simply checking out whether the profile fits, finding the percentage, finding off notes, etc. But then potentially compound the situation with the power range (vaping style) and hardware.

And folks wonder why there’s so damned many variations of recipes. :laughing:
Much of this doesn’t become clear until you get a fair amount of experience under your belt, and that’s just for “the basics”.


… and variations of coils. It’s a bit overwhelming, all the options. I tried an old cartomizer with the NF BS last night, and it did taste better; more like I remember it years ago. MF may take care of my BS needs, but I’m now realizing that there are other flavors from the past that no longer work (like anything cinnamon). I really think it’s the change in gear, not my taste buds.

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Unfortunately, I think wattage range can be highly misleading (UntIl quite recently, i was getting really confused, because i was going by wattage, and things were not adding up!) I’m clearly getting a much hotter vape from the U-tech coils than from the Kanger equivalents. I have turn the wattage down by 50% or more (compared wirh Kanger) to avoid flavour burning issueS! I know we can’t measure the temperature, but I wonder, if everybody puts their heads together, we can manage to collect enough data to rank the manaufactured coils in terms of heat production? that might be helpful.

Just an idea.


I totally get (and agree with) what you’re saying. But until the “majority” learn about, understand, and then learn to use (apply) the concept of Heat Flux… then you pretty much have to discuss things at the level most can relate to (and that is pretty much relegated to power IMO).

IMO, heat flux is a far more complex idea than something “simple” like Ohm’s law, and enough struggle with that…and while I’m almost always “more vocal” about accuracy (of terms, or facts, etc), I also try to be selective about content and context (when I do get “nit-picky” in some folks’ opinions), in hopes of ensuring “the average reader” has a clear chance at understanding things.

I’m with you in spirit though! :smiley: