Anyone familliar with FW Peanut butter cup?

A little more to the point (Yup, I lost myself in reading through the comments), I mixed up a batch of Peanut-butter Cup last night @ 5% Stand alone. On an immediate taste, there is a definite smokey/burnt note. The chocolate is obvious after mixing and the peanut butter stands out as well. I get the feeling from sampling after initial mix, that this is going to need something else … 12 Hours later, the sweetness is coming through, the chocolate has smoothed out and the PB is almost not notable (Its there but very subtle). I may very well add PB to this … the decision of which PB to add. Decisions, decisions, decisions … fortunately with 100ml test batches there’s plenty to split and test/experiment so … I will probably split into 5 20ml’s and try 4 different PB’s separately and steep the 5 in parallel. Will update is there is any interest in the result.