Anyone familliar with FW Peanut butter cup?

A good peanut butter is my holy grail (…well, one of them!)
Ive tried & tested a few now & I’m still searching.
So, I’ve come across FW Peanut butter cup. For starters, what is a peanut butter cup? Dont have them in my part of the world. The pic would suggest a chocolaty pb confection of sorts …yes? But more to the point, what does this flavor taste like, & how would you rate it?

Chocolate with peanut buttery filling :smile:


I haven’t tried the Flavor West Peanut butter. I am with you on the whole good Peanut butter though I been using Peanut Butter - The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice. It taste good but you have to use like 10% to even start tasting it. I used my whole 10 ml bottle so It most not have been that bad. I order Peanut Butter (Flavorah) after reading the review it sounds awesome.

I stole a Peanut butter cup recipe who stole it from someone else.

Peanut Butter Cup :

4% Dark Chocolate (FW)
3% Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA)
2% Marshmallow (CAP)
10% Peanut Butter (TPA)
1% Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA)

Flavor total: 20%
Remember to rate it at:


Never heard of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?

This is a peanut butter cup. Though I am a fan of a number of FW flavors, I have never used this one. I have used their Peanut Butter flavor and though it is a great mixer flavor, it is not true to peanut butter from the jar. Whether that would have a bearing on the taste of FW Peanut Butter Cup is hard to say…


Damn you’re fast, beat me to it…lol

Thanks @daath …I get the feeling you & @ringling are trading CandyWarehouse photos. Lol!


Well at least mine has a little bow…lol

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Nope! Apparently not an Aussie thing. They’re prob available somewhere but I’ve never seen em.

Ok, well Ill get some over the next couple of weeks & report back.

Ah… didnt notice that! very collectible!


Probably cause all the Kangaroos ate them all. None left for you guys. It’s a sad thing when you can’t keep the Roos out of the candy jar…


Thx for that @dreamersword- I’ll mix this one up this morning. I have these ingredients (mine all TPA though) except sweetener. I could sub it for cotton candy or brown sugar or vanillin - I’m thinking CC.
How long did you steep?

Yeah…bastards!! no wonder we shoot em! :wink:

Vanillin might make it a bit creamer. Not sure haven’t worked with it. Is your Cotton Candy EM? I personally just don’t like EM it will kill all my since of taste for like 12 hours if i vape to much so I keep it out of my recipes you could just skip the Sucralose. I am pretty impatient with my juices I normally get into it after a week bet it really starts to taste better after two weeks.

I thought thats essentially what CC was…
I’ll give the vanillin a go… maybe .5%
I’ll mix up 30ml - perhaps there’ll be a little left in 2 weeks for me to taste properly…lol

OK guys, this is twice today. EM/Cotton Candy is not for mixing. It mutes other flavors. Use Marshmallow instead. If you need to mute other flavors then of course use EM/Cotton Candy…


[quote=“ringling, post:14, topic:30954”]
EM/Cotton Candy is not for mixing. It mutes other flavors.
[/quote]Ok…genuine question here… If not for mixing, then what? Is it’s designed purpose to mute other flavors? I thought (incorrectly it seems) that it was a sweetener. Learning curve!
For the record…on advise you have given me & others in the past, I have used MM exclusively to sweeten & yep, absolutely works a treat! In this case however, the recipe, which already contained MM, called for “sweetener” as well. So… as I had none of the prescribed…
I’ve only used CC once before (dont know why I got it really!), & that was last w/e… I used it in a Toasted Almond experiment to counter the Toasted (burnt) bitterness - thought it might remove the toast & leave the almond. Nope. You’re absolutely right (…& to be honest, I hadnt considered it before you said it mutes other flavors) it does seem to be flattening the whole thing.
So… theres a lesson learnt. Thank you!

I found that it did sweet it taste great at first it is a cool flavor but it kill your sense of taste pretty quickly lol try eating some food then vape a half tank of cotton candy and then try the food again tell me how it taste.

Ahh… might pass on that one - quite happy to take your word for it…lol.

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Ethyl maltol was designed for sweetening in FOOD. EM is a common flavourant in some confectioneries. TFA uses it for their Cotton Candy flavor. Other brands use it for cotton candy as well. Sometimes with added flavors but still shooting for a type of Cotton Candy flavor. Ejuice recipes are usually steeped for at least a week or even more giving the EM plenty of time to begin to mute other flavors. Food is usually eaten quickly or full of so many chemicals to preserve that it becomes a whole different cituation than Ejuice. Truth be told it has only been experience that has shown many of us people how EM mutes. You say you noticed it even. Believe me many others have had to learn the hard way by having bad juice after bad juice until they found the one thing in common, EM. We here on ELR try real hard to steer newcomers away from the mistakes the rest of us have made. We’ll continue to do so the best we can…

Oh, to answer your question, a Cotton Candy flavor, what else…Or mute when needed…


Thankyou @ringling! Valuable information… that makes sense to me now …at least I was on the money about it being a sweetener! I’ll be sure not to consider it an option in the future …unless I decide vaping cardboard would be good to try.

…& I am thankful for that!

Pardon the gush…but I’ll just take this opportunity to say that I am incredibly grateful to have ELR as a resource. I have learnt, & am learning so much on a daily basis. I greatly appreciate the trial & error attached to your, & all the other ELR veterans’ ‘getting of vaping wisdom’. So, thankyou!

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Did the EM learning curve myself, baffled me for quite a while why steeping was killing my flavours. Atom was very helpful in pointing out the cause, and thanks to him for that. EM now has joined the ICE container … along with some other strange flavours like Cactus (Which is actually quite a good sweetener in itself, in some specific situations). I second the use of marshmallow (with a caution) but have managed to source Stevia recently (Still to be profiled) and have fallen back on brown sugar to quite a large extent. I have perceived that Sucralose is a real huge coil gunger … I rather go without sweetener than use sucralose … from my perspective, its that bad.