Anyone getting rid of a wismec ? In the uk

Just wondering if anyones floating around in the uk

I have a snow wolf 200 ltd edition gold mint condition too with hellboy dripper

Just throwing this out there. Would love a tank with it as this was what i was supposed to buy but the shop didnt have any in

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Is it the rx or the dna?
Here’s a link for the rx in the uk for £46.99 if thats any good to you.
Or is it a trade you’re after?


Trade would be ideal

I would like a rx200 and a tank for mine and the dripper i dont think anyone would trade the dna version

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Be hard to get a trade just now on that mod. It’s not long since been released.


Can’t blame a guy for trying. But yeah both the DNA200 and the RX200 are to new to the market. I have both, and I have the snow wolf 200, they all 3 are good mods. Wish yeah luck