Anyone got a Wismec RX200/200s/2/3 they want to sell?

Hope I am OK to post this question here.

Seems my little smok stick plus is on its last legs after just a few months of service.
I am looking to replace with a wismec rx200 or similar.

The missus has kindly informed me we can afford it and wont be able to for quite some time so I am facing either quitting altogether or buying a cheap crappy kit to see me through for six months or so :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Just wondered if anyone had a second hand rx200 they were looking to sell? i am in the UK.


(please let me know if I cant ask this kind of thing and I will happily remove the post)

what is your budget @Hjwindsor ?

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Let me pose this question to she what handles the money and get back to you :smiley: I suspect it is not very much!! Sons second birthday coming up soon so I suspect Ill be bankrupt again after that! (seems we are ignoring the fact that it is also my birthday two days after so I suspect we are super broke)

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can get them new for Β£27 from fasttech .

i have a set of married batteries i can give you if you pm me your address as I’ve just upgraded mine .

also if you get a rx200 you will need to get an external charger to go with it as the charging system on the mod sucks . on fasttech there about Β£15 if you don’t have one already


AWESOME!! thanks so much man. Im pretty sure I can manage to swing Β£27 … I will definitely take you up on the battery offer. Ill PM you when I have managed to order the mod if you are sure that is OK. Thank you so much! this forum never fails to amaze me with the help and kindness of all the members.


yea no worries pal there just collecting dust at the minute .

on fasttech all the rx200/rx200s and 2/3 are only a quid or 2 different in price so you can get the colour / style you like :slight_smile: