Anyone got problems with vaping higher VG?

Vaping 4 years but never could do more than 30% VG. Any higher than that it dries my mouth and tongue like crazy to the point I get sore tongue for couple of days and moth feels like a garbage can. I know PG is usually problem for some, with me is VG. Anyone else?
I never add water, any thing to do with that maybe?

You might want to try drinking more water as it sounds like you are getting dehydrated.

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Does it happen with all brands of VG? Not sure what to advise, except mimic Bearkat’s advice about drinking water :slight_smile:

I went to max vg because pg was giving me way to big a throat hit. The only time I’ve experienced what you are is when I run way to high a wattage chasing a cloud for far too long. Lots of water helps.

Different brand VG? Come to think of it I’ve only ever used one type of VG I get from local e-cig seller. Maybe it’s crap VG or just old? None of these things have used by date on them. I’ll try other VG.
It won’t be dehydration problem, I had that the for first 12 months vaping but now my body adjusted so I no longer get that.