Anyone have a good Fruity pebbles recipe

Would like to have a good fruity pebbles recipe, not a fruit loops (fruit circles) one… All the ones I’ve tried on here so far seem to be more of a fruit loops and none have been a good fruity pebbles flavor. Would prefer TFA flavors if possible thats mostly what I have… Any help would be greatly appreciated


I’ve searched the world over for it myself. The only thing I’ve found remotely close ( and it’s still kinda chemically tasting ) is vapor shots which they have Another name they change their name like every other day. They have a fruity pebbles but I always seem to have it at too high of a %. The smell is pretty close thou.

It needs more lemon hue and more abundant in some fruit.

Found this flavoring online.

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There’s a couple here at

I did a search for "Fruity pebbles Cereal"
Seems to contain Rice cereal and several fruits and custard.

This is the flavor I have. The company just changed their name.

Yeah, I’ve read a lot of people saying the fruity pebbles flavoring by a couple of different companies have a chemical taste to it. Was hoping to find a good recipe that did not use the fruity pebbles flavor but uses the fruit flavors that make up a good pebbles recipe, with some rice crispies flavor or another grain type flavor maybe for the grain (cereal) flavor…

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I like the thought ! I am always hoping to get that effect now that you put it this way :blush: maybe lucky leprechaun TFA with a tad of lemon and the rest of the fruit would be what you like ! Maybe a bit of RIpe straw and some sweet straw a lil TFA Orange cream then some blue berry extra all TFA flavors except sweet strawberry is capella’s. Just a thought!

Reviving this because I have a friend requesting a Fruity Pebbles recipe. I just mixed something up I thought would be good but it’s kinda blah. I just ordered FW’s Crispy Rice Cereal and TFA Rice Crunchies flavors. I think I will try just using them and adding the various fruits and some stevia to the mix. Looking at the pebbles I guess I am going to try Grape, Lemon, Strawberry, and Mandarin. I might add some Banana as well.

Did you have any luck with your fruity pebbles?

I have been craving it myself as my boss bought a box to work the other day. I couldn’t stop smelling it. It smells so good but it is completely indescribable to me.

I have seen a couple recipes call for lemongrass or grapefruit. I really want fruity pebbles to vape…

FW FRUITY Flakes is really the closest thing I have come to pepples. Stay tuned tomorrow. Look for the Game Over clone (Flawless). That is one of my best recipes. I always have it in my tank.

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Basically saying I am going to be posting over 60 recipes tomorrow.

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Mix with TFA lucky leprechaun for a real bottom of the bag type goodness.

I will vouch for the Game Over Clone. It’s the tits.

Just posted my recipes, look at “Skullblade789 Recipes.”