Anyone have a Marquis or Marquis clone? I need help building on it

I have a Marquis clone and I’ve watched build vids but I keep building too close to the positive post in the middle ( think that’s what it is lol) … I know enough to build one opposite cuz that’s what the vids say but I can’t for the life of me get coils in this thing and it’s making me :rage::confounded::rofl:

Any advice or help would be much appreciated and I luv you long time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hang on I’ll try to show you

Oh and also can someone give me advice on wicking my Smoant Modula plz?

I haven’t got one but I’m a genesis fan, I guess you’re building a dual vertical coil with mesh on the Marquis… correct?
Or are you trying a cotton build on that one?

I’ve never worked w mesh :wink:

Marquis yes vertical on Marquis you at all familiar w it?

Videos look ez peezy but they’re making me crazy lol

I don’t own one, but looking at the atomizer it’s pretty straight forward, just a matter of finding the shortcuts.

Your difficulty ( but I’m just guessing) is holding the second coil on the positive post whilst you’ve already installed the first one (when you unscrew, the first one falls off.)

The answer might be on winding both coils on the same rod without cutting in the middle (between the two coils) and just leave a loop of the correct length between the coils, to screw onto the positive post.

But I’m just guessing!

I have one. Here’s what I used to do…The Marquis should have included a couple of metal rods for the build. If you look down in the juice well you’ll see a hole on each side. You have to insert that metal rod, with you coil on it, into the holes. Coils should be wrapped in opposing directions. The rod acts as a stabilizer while you clamp down the coil legs.
Hope that helps. :sunglasses:

PS…if you still get tripped up I can take a few pics of a Marquis build as a reference.

I think I got a faulty clone is the best I can come up w lol…I do all that but when I have my posts in one is closer to the middle than the other and so my builds inevitably hit the middle :rage:. I don’t like this Atty anymore whoever wants it can have it it SUX! Got my modula working just fine. This was the last one I have I cannot conquer and I’m done trying…thx for all the help everybody!!