Anyone have a zink?

Has anyone use a ZINK yet? Thinking of getting one for making labels. Looks interesting

Edit: added a link to the 1/2 inch rolls


Interesting. I am sure tired of inkjets.

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Thinking about ordering one Friday with 1/2 inch label roll.

Edit: screenshot of app on my ipad

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Be a tester and let folks know what you think. I love the concept as long as the printing material proves to be cost effective.


Just looking at it 4 rolls for 25 . Is cheaper than what I’m using now . 1 roll for $20 at walmArt…

And I can add pictures… if I get the $$$$ I’m planning on getting Friday think I will order one…


Yea defiantly going to order it and get a 2 inch roll

Been playing around with the ZINK app some more



Should be here Sunday


Groove!!! 10ch

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Looks really good!

How much paper are you getting for $25?

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Width: 2 inch, Length: 19 feet 5 inch

Edit: roughly 155 labels per roll

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I don’t get it?

A ZINK cart on Amazon is $25 for 2 inches by 19.5 inches. A total of 39 square inches, so $1.56 per square inch.

A 4x6 photo at Costco is $0.17. That’s $0.007 per square inch!

$1.56 divided by $0.007 is 222. So for ZINK, you pay 222 times as much for a lower quality image, but you get the convenience of immediate gratification and some adhesive to stick the image onto things. And that’s before you amortize the $100 for the device.

People who buy ZINK must be mathematically challenged.

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The fact, that it is printed on a label and it is convenient is the whole point.

Good quality sticky labels you typically see vendors use are expensive.

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And you are getting 4x rolls for $25?

That’s like 0,04$ a piece…

Good deal!

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I think that’s 19.5 feet not 19.5 inches or 234 inches in length or 438 square inches total or 18.72 cents per square inch. but that doesn’t really matter, all that matters is how long each label is when your printing off a roll, the width is always set (unless you plan on using the width labels boundary (i.e. printing landscape)). With my printer I’ve been printing at around 3.15 inches per label, a bit of that on each side is for bleed. I’m happy with it as it is… I could remove some stuff from both edges and conserve some label material, but like I said I’m content with the current size I use.

EDIT: I am sorry I didn’t calculate that there were 4 rolls not one… 4.68 cents


Don’t know we’re your getting 19.5 inches

But 19.5 feet and using a label format set at 2 inches by 1.5 inches.

Gives me roughly 155 labels per roll. Or roughly 17 cents per label.

Before saying something like this , might be good to check your math first.




So roughly 17 cents per label.

So I think I can live with that…

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If I end up using 1/2 rolls that be a good deal …
4 rolls for 25

Machine comes with one 1/2 inch roll

So I ordered a 2 inch roll since that is the format I want to try first…

Try the bigger roll first to see print quality then decide if I want smaller rolls

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Does it say on amazon what resolutions it can do?

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Naw but it god good reviews and a few bad…but the bad could be user error…


Looks very convenient with the tablet app also.

Update us please!

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I plan to…

Just a few of the test labels . I plan to print up…

Figure the last will require more detail work than the others