Anyone have any good FlavourArt Black Cherry recipes

I just got some FlavourArt Black Cherry and having a tough time finding
recipes for this flavor

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Cherry and Blackberry two of my favorite fruits to eat but very hard to make a good vape tough flaves to work with

It does need a few extras but .75 is the perfect % for fa BC



Ingredient %
Black Cherry (FA) 0.75
Blood Orange (FW) 1.5
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 1
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 3
Hazelnut (FW) 0.5
Lemon Lime (CAP) 2
Meringue (FA) 2
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 4
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) 1
Vienna Cream (FA) 1.25

Flavor total: 17%

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thank you I need to buy the lemon lime