Anyone know if flavorings and/or nic are available in Mexico?

Going to be retiring to Morelia, Mexico in a few months, anyone know if flavorings and or nicotine are available there?


Bathtub nicotine for you gringo

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In February of 2020 the import of Vaping products was banned by Presidential decree. My understanding (limited) is that has been overturned as unconstitutional.
There are no laws or ordinance against Vaping in Mexico. And there are Vape shops throughout the Country.
I will attach a link below to a venders site that carries DIY products.


Welcome to the community, and congrats on your retirement. Enjoy. I retired 5 months ago and just went back to work (part time) for a different non-profit than I had been working for. Let’s just say that my retirement wasn’t working out the way I expected (though I figured I would be going back to work somewhere part time after de-compressing from my last job). Wishing you many fun adventures in your retirement.