Anyone planning on getting the Gigue Dolphin

The Gigue Dolphin Ceramic Coil Tank?
I believe they are suppose to be on sale starting the 5th of February.

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I am gonna wait and see what happens. But I will be watching the release.

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Good move on your part. I’ve been meaning to go back to the Altus thread and give my report and tell of my buyers remorse for that atomizer. :pensive:

This technology is great, but I fell prey to the hype of it all. I’ll stick to twisting my own coils until they get the technology down pat. I’ve learned my lesson, but good; I won’t be a test subject unless I’m getting paid to do so or the gear is free. :triumph:


I only refrained from that one because of the huge price tag attached to it. This one will be much cheaper. But I really think this year is going to see some really good tanks come into the market. I never jump on something as soon as it comes out. Unless it is really cheap. I hate buying stuff that doesn’t live up to the hype. So I wait til the hype settles down.

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I totally understand that thinking, but I’m looking at using the tank as a flavor tester for my mixes. I’ve tried using drippers but out of the 4 or so that I bought for that purpose all of them (at least to me) seem to burn way too hot. Looking at this tank as a means to test flavors I mix due to the relatively easy cotton replacement and cleaning is one of the main reasons I’m looking at it, and if it turns into a tank that I enjoy vaping on… that would be a plus.

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If they are burning too hot, try increasing the number of wraps and get the wattage down a bit. Are you in TC mode? What RDA’s have you tried? Because my velocity doesn’t get too hot on me. And I run it at 80J. I am curious to what you have been using. Fill us in.

I haven’t picked them up in awhile and they are in Misery and I’m here in NC. I think one is a velocity another is the magma, I can’t recall off the top of my head the others right off the bat, haven’t touched them in months… using 28 kanthal at .5 ohm and organic cotton, and not using temp control (on anything) I stay around 23-25 watts

Ahh. I would try SS if I were you. It is much better than Kanthal. You should be able to get nice vapor production out of the Velocity and killer flavor without it getting too hot. Keep playing. You will find the sweet spot. Try 26awg wire also. 28 is a little light on that deck I think. You might even try some 24 or 22.

I also strayed away from organic cotton a long time ago. I use Cotton Bacon V2. I love this stuff. I also have some hemp I am about to try. It has been sitting here staring at me. But @therabidweasel swears by it.

I am a flavor chaser. I could care less if I make big clouds. But the more vapor you produce, the more flavor you get. But it takes practice, and experimentation.

I did use SS once, didn’t really see a difference, but then again if I was burning both the kanthal and SS to hot, there really wouldn’t be much difference lol.

Sorry, I had to go back and make some edits to my last post lol.

Well looks like I also will be holding off a bit before getting this new tank, read what appears to be a fairly good review HERE that kinda discourages me from someone that was/is at least honest enough to not follow the hype that others are putting out about the tank.
Of course after a little bit of watching and seeing if they had gotten a poor sample of the tank I still may go on and get it (my wife hates it when I say I will or won’t do something because she doesn’t know when to believe me lol).

I purchased the tug tank after watching some bad reviews on the dolphin tank, don’t ask me why I guess I was hoping it would be better. Even though its the exact same tank I wish I would have spent my money on something else btw. The tank is great for quality and concept but my opinion is ceramic sucks for flavor, the entire first tank of juice I vaped tasted like ceramic. Once the ceramic started to get dirty that’s when it started to taste good to me. When I went to change flavors I took the old cotton off and dry burned the ceramic and all I could smell was ceramic it was the same taste I was getting when I first vaped off of it just not as bad. So when I was Vaping the second tank full of juice I could taste the ceramic just as bad as the first time until the ceramic started to gunk up then it was alright. So my firts experience with ceramic sucked and I probably will never go back to it again, I prefer ss or kanthal over ceramic any day. I hope I made a little sense and did not confuse you guys/girls.

Made sense to me… I decided not to get the tank after reading reviews on people breaking the ceramic coil too easily. That coupled with no real info on replacement coils became a issue for me.

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My coil seems pretty stable but that’s it the flavor is so bad its not worth buying in the first place.