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"Blended Flavourings

Blended Flavour: FA Cornish Cream Tea - Scone Jam + Cream

Qty: 1 "Fruit Flavourings

Fruit Flavour: FA Blueberry Candy

Qty: 1 "Fruit Flavourings

Fruit Flavour 10ml: FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe

Qty: 1 "E-motions, Artists Touch, PAZZO Flavourings

E-motion Flavour: FA Zeppola (Italian Pastry)

Qty: 1 "Sweet Flavourings

Sweet Flavour: FA Vanilla Ice Cream

Qty: 1 "Sweet Flavourings

Sweet Flavour: FA Coconut

Qty: 1 "Passion Flavourings

Passion Flavour: FA Torrone

Qty: 1 "Sweet Flavourings

Sweet Flavour: FA Cream Fresh

Qty: 1 "Blended Flavourings

Blended Flavour: FA Black Jack Vintage - Like the sweets

Qty: 1 "Sweet Flavourings

Sweet Flavour: FA Caramel

Qty: 1 "Blended Flavourings

Blended Flavour: FA Posh Choc

Qty: 1 "Sweet Flavourings

Sweet Flavour: FA New York Cheesecake

Qty: 1 "Sweet Flavourings

Sweet Flavour: FA premium Custard


I can do a run down once I get back home… I am an hour out :wink:


Ideal :slightly_smiling_face: and thank you


Cornish Cream Tea is the staple of my Strawberry shortcake. It’s a delicious strawberry, cream and cookie base. Yes it needs a little help from another strawberry (I chose Strawberry Ripe at the time because I had it in my stash) Yes you could vape this on it’s own but the strawberry will fade which again is the reason for the strawberry ripe. I purchased that and nonna cake from the UK because I had to KNOW what they were like and I am glad I did. I am one of those that also love Nonna Cake and don’t get the lemon everyone claims they get from it (maybe it’s because I vape at lower watts and it really on comes into play at higher ones?)

I just got in FA’s Ice Cream and really like it. It’s a replacement for my VBIC. Vanilla, creamy, and yes it does taste more like a gelato (Think Talenti vanilla bean gelato) than an ice cream. If you’ve ever had a vanilla gelato pop it’s that flavor more than say a Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream (I’m southern … I measure ice cream by blue Bell)


Thank you so much you do know flavourart uk has 25% off at the moment and i think i may try your recipe


I hope you like it, I still vape that one … hope my Ice Cream notes make sense. I eat Talenti gelato and Blue Bell … as a special treat occasionally because I’m diabetic and can’t have sweets often


Ill have to change one flavour this is what it will look like.


it’s private so I can see it :slight_smile:


@authormichellehughes If i copy someone else recipe i save as private lol. You should see it now


Looks Awesome I’ve never tried LB Vienna Cream so you can teach me about that one :grin:


Nor me i shall once I’ve done single flavour test that’s what i like about this site everyone helps each other


The Flavorah flavors::


Thick lushy cream… or you can make it thin… (by lowering how much you use). Good enough for half of my public recipes… Cream containing recipes click here

I would rate Cream as a 9 out of 10… why? because I always want more. It’s that good and a very what I call multi use flavor. It can behave like an additive, yet also as a main functioning flavor. It’s even good as a stand along at 1.2% the lowest I have used it at, is one drop.

Pound Cake:

If you like pound cakes, you will want to make sure you keep this in your arsenal. Highly versatile, from dense to a dough like… (try it with the Greek yogurt, from .12% up to .4% no higher!) you can always tinker with the pound cake. Some love to push this one flavor, but for me, it really shouldn’t be pushed. By lowering everything else, pound cake can and will stand up like the king of cakes he should be. Max usage for me is 1.4% anything else is just a waste of pushing the flavor. lowest I use pound cake is around .4% and for all of my pound cake recipes click here.

Cupcake Batter:

If you ever licked the bowl when your mama is making cupcakes, yeah this is it! As a plain base, it is your standard cupcake batter bit, however, you can add things like citruses, milk, chocolate, strawberry, even coconuts to truly own this batter flavor. My highest usage is 1.2% I believe… I wouldn’t take it any higher than 1.4% and my minimum is .2%. You can find all my public batter recipes by clicking here.

Milk Chocolate:

Just like a popular chocolate company here, low slow and steady is your best bet working with milk chocolate. Average usage for me is between .12% and as high as at least .6%… I have run with it as high as 2%, but it was just too much. This flavor does have a tendency to mute out and morph, but flavor change itself is not that noticeable to regular tasters. this in itself can cause flavor overloading by believing it wont change and just get stronger… eh… do as you wish… I find going thru my recipes that between .2% and .6% is my average. I do love chocolates… :stuck_out_tongue: you can see my public recipes by clicking here.

these 2 recipes here's%20P.B.S.

are excellent to play with… :slight_smile: rating high among people I mix for.

Berry Cheesecake

As a standalone, I find berry cheesecake to be just that… mixed berries and cheesecake… not much noticeable crust, this is more of a 5 star cheesecake for those of the upper class, New York 5 star hotels. (As a solo, excellent at 1.2%) Nothing wrong with that at all, it will be based on how you play with it. You could add in citruses, or caramel… even create a crust for it… here is how I picked to play with it. There are probably more… but I wont sit here and write it on… find out and dig :wink:

Cookie Dough:

One of the first flavors I fell in love with years ago… Thick doughy and sprinkled with chocolate chips. The kind of cc dough your mama made from those Nestle (surprise!) chocolate chips… Add in a tough of Greek yogurt for extra doughy, and oh wow, you will have it made!! :slight_smile:

You can sift thru this stack for my public cookie dough recipes :slight_smile:

Cream & Cookies:

Dis won right up in Heah… yeah buddy… if you have a big craving for sweets… try it solo… max amount for me… 1.2%… I said it… yeps… 1.2%… any higher and it’s too much for me… Thick cream and the sugars are a touch on the grainy sugar sweet side. You will find a cookie in there, what kind… I wont say… find out for yourself… :stuck_out_tongue: but I have used this to help out a lot… from working with creams, caramels, and other fun things. Just be aware, that sweet taste can grow :wink: for my list of public recipes click here

Maple Bar:

Mhmm someone will have some sticky sweet teeth :stuck_out_tongue: Usage for Maple Bar… lowest for me is .12% for a general maple sweet effect in other juices. Push it up a touch higher, and its a thick maple, with a chewy inside, that is really hard to figure out… Pushed even up to 1% and your bottle will not last thru testing, unless you were smart and mixed a 120ml :slight_smile: for my public recipes for maple bar, click here…

Red Velvet:

If you like a chocolate cake that is “dry”, red velvet has that dryness covered. If you like the real red velvet, this flavor will not surprise you, but it will delight you in how it steeps about. if you want to play with it… start at 3 drops per 10 ml and see what’s up! in a 30ml… that would be 9 drops or .18g/.18ml or .6% at 6 drops or .12g/.12ml or .4% in a new 10ml bottle… you will find the perfect red velvet cake. That funky off taste for the red chocolate and the exhale of a really dry cake… almost from the bakery :wink:

my best recipe for it is

White Chocolate

mhmm Sticky white chocolate… no matter how high or low you use it… It will keep you coming back for more. Used in ultra small amounts, white chocolate is excellent for helping to fill out both creams, cakes and even cheesecake into becoming even fuller, thicker and rich. However not just for cakes and creams, but caramels, those scotches, nuts and fruits… yeps. you will need a larger bottle. Just not my bottle, tyvm! Usage rates for me is .12% up to 1.2% and the higher side is very very rare… I do enjoy it from .4% up to around .8% as after that, it has a few tricks of its own for taste… and I am not too sure who here could even discover them all :wink: For my public recipes, click here… :slight_smile:

Hope you all enjoy this run down… and that by combining things you might not expect, will lead to even more flavor discoveries! :crazy_face: :coffee::hugs:


Thank you for this so much info :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you I’ve booked marked this I’m made up a true mixology you are sharing your expertise :slightly_smiling_face: your recipes make my :drooling_face:


Something I wish everyone would do!

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration!! :thumbsup:


I just saw you changed a flavor. :laughing:
It’s now something different (though strongly based on…)

Public opinion is divided on that, but I don’t think it’s necessarily bad, because a single flavor change frequently shifts the recipe substantially IME. You’ll have to decide for yourself where you stand on that! lol

My original comment was referring to recipes being copied with ZERO changes, with the original on ELR (and we have plenty of them which are public facing sadly).


good morning i used to but i remember someone telling me before if i did copy a recipe put it in private or favourites


What’s a chelf? :wink: lol


:joy::rofl: me being thick again