Anyone still using TFV4 with the dual coil RBA?

Mount Baker Vapor is clearing their stock on the TF-R2 RBA. If I had bought one of these tanks I was planning to buy multiple RBA sections. So at 50 cents a pop it might be worth grabbing a couple.


My tf4 has been boxed up for a while. That’s a great price on those. Thanks for the good find!

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I have the tfv4 in circulation and just got another one of the single rbas but I’ve never used the duel. So i threw 4 in my cart! That way I’ll be able to build a bunch of coils and have them ready to swap out. I think I’m going to give that tank to the hubby to get him off of his Atlantis tank. I’m done buying coils for that thing!

Thanks for the heads up!!


nice i have the full size and mini which i never use because i only had the single rba and i wont buy stock coils at .49 each i bought two and will bring one of those out of retirement it was a great tank btw ty


The Atlantis is only $9.99. I thought there was usually a 10% off coupon floating around as well. I’m gonna check it out.


My kids used those for a long time. Wow! Great price!