Anyone tried Avocado RTA yet?

Wondering if or if not I should bother to order another. I ordered an Avocado from Fasttech a month ago, and I got a message today that it is on reorder. I’m mad. Just the day before yesterday, I made an order at VapeNW and I almost ordered an Avocado just because I was so tired of waiting. That’s it! I’m done! I have seen some items were not a big savings at FT. It’s not worth the wait or the worry or being a number. I will switch to 3fvape and see if it’s better there, but FT has lost me as a customer. I cancelled the Avocado at FT and Now I’ll have to pay shipping for it elsewhere. Once before at FT, a Fogger RTA was on reorder, and it never came in. I’m not going through that again. If my local vape store had an Avacodo, that would be me first choice.


breakfastchef over at epipeforum has one and seems to like it. It sure does look like fun! And you can’t beat the Velocity deck after all.:smiley: Might leak though, if you keep it horizontally and haven’t stuffed the holes with wick.

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That makes sense. I was thinking it wouldn’t leak, but ya… I can see that. I haven’t decided if I’ll bother making a special order for an Avocado since FT shurked me after a month. I’ll probably just wait till I’m getting other stuff somewhere and include it in an order. The only other think I’ve been looking for right now is wish wish wish I could find a Delrin drip tip that was not wide bore. I prefer a bullet shape or small at the tip. Don’t want to go with expensive glass because it breaks easily if you drop it. Want something short for my Aromamizers too. I’ve broken a couple of jade/glass bullets from FT and I sand them down short to repair them. I don’t understand how most everyone else likes the wide bore tips. Just doesn’t suit me.

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While out and about today I stopped by the vape shop near my house with no intention of buying anything. Ended up buying the original Avacado. Probably paid 2x what I would if I ordered it, but I like doing some business with these guys because they’re all veterans and give other veterans a discount, while also making donations from sales to things such as The Wounded Warrior Project.

I came home, washed and built. Went with a single Titanium build using 22ga on 3.0mm, 8 wraps. Wicking was a challenge and I ended up taking it apart so I could grab the cotton that I managed to get started down the holes. Reassembled, juiced, and BAM! What a lovely vape this is. I’ve not enjoyed a single coil vape for some time now but this is fantastic. Flavor for days. The build quality is spectacular, although again the design isn’t to my liking. Still, i think I finally have a good topper for my little eVic VTC Mini. Love it.


Oh that is so nice to hear SthrnMixer…that you are enjoying the Avocado. Yes… flavor for days. I like to put notch coils in tanks that are single coil and which they will fit. I too support local vape shops and try to forget about prices. There’s much to be said about how the local shop can be helpful, supportive and makes for a nice afternoon visit with some vaper friends. I stubled apon a new (to me) local vape store and bought a second Sigelei 213. This one is orange. My first is brown. I also got a UD Goblin tank. It’s hard for me to FIND something I want to buy and that I don’t already have! Come to find out… (I realized later after I got home) I had a Goblin in the past, and I sold it because it was such a juice sucker and a leaker. Another bumber is also… I mentioned to the sales lady that I like a small bore drip tip, and when I opened up my Goblin when I got home, the drip tip was not in there. Lovely… I guess she really wanted it that bad? I do keep them in the box rather than giving them away - just in case I ever sell or give away a tank so I can include the origonal drip tip. Anyway… What I’m trying to say is… I hope you enjoyed your trip to the vape store, and it’s really great that you got a ‘winner’ that you are enjoying. xo


I’ve had the Avocado 22mm since they came out, and had the 24mm on pre-order that finally came in.
I now have two 22mm and three 24mm, and at least 2 are on mods in daily rotation.
I only build the 22mm in single coil, the 24mm’s in dual coil…stainless steel and titanium, depending.

Wicking is a learning curve, but easy as you get use to it. I set my wick tails on top of the juice holes and just barely tuck them in enough to stay in place.
Plenty of vapor, and awesome flavor.

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I also use an Avocodo RDA. Mine is the 22 mm. The Avocado and Theorem are so nice for tasting juice. I bought a Theorem at the same time, and it is quite similar. I prefer the Theorem, but that doesn’t seem to be the ‘norm’. I prefer the Theorem because the block that covers the deck for a single rather than duel coil comes off automaticlally when you open the top to fill it. I also prefer everything else about it concerning flavor and vapor. Some people say it is very easy to break the glass though. So, if you get a Theorem, be careful with the glass. There’s some info on building it here, i’m sure if you do a search.

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I call the avacado a fiddle’y pain in the ass. If you like to tinker then great. Personally I very much dislike it. I have yet to have a build stay untouched past 25mls. My rda’s run just fine, kayfun v5, aromaizer supreme all are great…just the avacado.

Lol. Anyone want to buy an avacado 24mm. Barely used? Only used for 90mls.

Not me, I don’t want a broken AvOcado. Mine all work fine, and I don’t need one for parts.

Have you checked for a stripped grub screw, or is it a wicking problem?

I think my chain vape style is the issue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 12 puffs in a row…draw like mtl but vaper production like a lung hit. I’m an odd duck.


I bought an Avocado 22 from my local Gourmet Vapor shop last week. I vape at low wattage so I made a 2.5mm, 1.0 ohm, 26g kanthal coil and wicked it with KGD cotton. The wicking was no problem since I’ve had experience with my Nectar tanks; just roll the wick into a thick yarn, pull it through the coil, then use sharp-pointed tweezers to tuck the ends into the tank holes. The wick tails hang about half way to the tank bottom and it works well for me.

2.5mm is about as big as you can go for the coil unless you want to trim the tails’ thickness in order to fit them down through the holes.

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I was just about to post about my avocado when I did a search and found this. I’ve juiced up my 24 for the first time in ages and I just can’t get decent flavour from it at all. Been using it in single coil mode, 8 or 9 wrap 24awg SS316L 3.0id. I wick it the same way you do. I never tried dual coils in it as yet but I’m thinking I should now. Would you say it’s better dual than single?. I also have the 22 avocado and it’s wonderful as a single coil.

I use the 22’s and the 24’s every day.
The 24mm is better with dual coils, but I have one (24mm) on a Provari 2.5 single coil 1.1ohm
and it has great flavor.
Try turning the air flow to just the two single holes.
Let me know.

It’s a much better beast with dual coils. All this time I’ve been trying to get it to work in single and it just wasn’t happening, so I put it away. It completely slipped my mind to throw in another coil (blame the meds lol) Thanks fella :smile:

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I know it’s been a while, but still getting rid of that avocado? I have a 22 clone and it’s hit and miss with flavor…tried dual notch coils and a variety of metals (Ti, SS, Ni200, Kanthal) and have had marginal luck…maybe the 24 will be better?

Nope. It sits. I’m gunna drop out the juice holes eventually. The flavor is good. When it wicks. But I vape hot so I need juicy wicks.