Anyone up for buying a ready-made lab?

I bought about 90 flavors (all 4 ounce) from TFA, a gallon each of PG and VG (Kosher from Amazon), a ton of glassware and syringes and bottles. Now it just sits there. I made a handful of vapeablle recipes and laziness set in. I want to unload all of it, preferable local to Charlotte, NC, but can ship as well. I invested about a grand on this stuff. Email me at dustinclemensataoldotcom for pics. If this isn’t allowed mods, please remove and notify me. Thanks folks…

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Do you have all the flavors entered in your flavor stash, if so make it public or reply here with the link. If not, can you compile a list of the stuff you have?


Are you set on selling it all together ?

Ya beat me by 4 minutes. That’s the first thing I wanted to know. Any Nicotine with the kit?

The flavors are listed as public. I have a little under a liter of 100mg/L Nicotine as well, and yes I would much rather sell in one lump. Time is my enemy, as is laziness…

Yes. It’s all there

I hope so. It would be a nightmare to break it all up.

Link to stash:


Thanks I was just going to ask for a link since I couldn’t find it :slight_smile:

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@Dustin4, Looks like there are a lot of duplicate flavors listed in your stash.

Likely a merging issue. If there’s two versions of the same flavor in your stash and they get merged, you wind up with the same flavor in twice. Just have to go in and delete one.

I have no duplicates

Anyone? I have no intention of continuing the hobby, so any reasonable offers will be considered.

im not sure you could even sell this anymore , thats the first thing id like to know , and what are you trying to get for this stuff , please send pics to with subject titled Vape Stuff ty

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is this still for sale?