Anyone use PDO?

I am PG sensitive and I’ve recently heard people use PDO instead. I’m wondering if anyone here has any experience with it. If so does it carry flavour like of? Does it lessen the clouds like PG. Have you noticed any draw backs to using it?


No idea what pdo is but p400 or distilled water are good subs for pg. I used p400 for a while but now just use the dw in my mixes.


I am as well, and yes, I’ve used PDO.

It’s honestly more trouble than it’s worth.
Not just from a sourcing point of view (Dow Chemical has clamped down on most distributors with a FAR heavier hand than the Feds have with taxes on eliquid, or states with bans), but also from the aspect of usability as a mixer.

It’s got a really bad ‘muting’ aspect to it (worse than Ethyl Maltol as I recall), and it doesn’t play well with a lot of flavors.

We (well, some of us in the ELR family) toyed with the idea of it being a replacement/sub/mixing agent for VG/PG back in 2016 and 2017. And there should still be a fairly good bit of information here if you search for it.

Personally, the best thing you can do for your situation, is to find good restricted DL hardware (as that’s a close as you’re going to get with the high VG requirement that the challenge of PG sensitivity presents us with).

Mix with flavors that don’t require 4-6% each, and you have more options. (If you have to stay at 20% PG or less, it’s more limiting when a flavor has to be used higher, because you get to use fewer flavors in a given recipe.)

If you use flavors that only need 0.5% to 2% per flavor (to get the “full experience”), you have a much wider path to travel in creating a recipe.

Some good brands for low percentage flavors are: Medicine Flower, Flavorah, Inawera, Wonder Flavors, and FlavourArt.

Hope this helps!
Happy mixing!


1,3 Propanediol

“It’s a chemical similar to propylene glycol, but thought to be safer.” (PG)


Thanks so much! I just find the full VG smoke clouds annoying, as does my family.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about the ‘clouds’ factor, due to the PG restriction.

PG is what cuts down on clouds (the higher the PG, the less clouds, as you know), but since it’s the source of the problems (sensitivity), you’re kind of locked in.

There is one thing I could suggest (in conjunction with using a restricted DL atty), and that’s vape at as low a wattage as you possibly can.

Less power, less clouds.

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I thought PEG400 was primarily for folks who dab, or use other noncombustible forms of cannabis…

Are you suggesting it as a replacement for the PG component, the VG component, or both?

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I subbed it for pg using the same percentage. Worked fine but just preferred using vg/dw in the end. Honestly didn’t notice any difference between pg and p400 in a mix but didn’t have any sensitivity to the p400. I used to get mine from RS but due them changing to wholesale only I posted the wizard labs link.


VG/DW ? What’s DW.


Distilled water. My base is vg/dw/nic. Since my flavor % generally is 10% or lower I mix my dw at 8% for my nic base. I use single coil rdl rtas.