Anyone used Mastiha or mahlepi from VTA and opinions

I bought these flavours from VTA mahlepi and mastiha . I’m of greek ancestry so these flavours are familiar to me but not in eliquid anyone used these?


I’m afraid not by me but I’m interested to see if anyone has and what they’ve done with them.


Since you’re already familiar with the flavor (I’m not) do a ‘Single Flavor Test’ and you’ll be able to judge what percentage to use. Any additional companion flavors are up to you.


Being one of the site’s eccentrics I have both.

Obviously @TorturedZen is correct on you putting in the effort with SFTs. Although, here are some basic notes:

Mastiha is similar in character to gum Arabic and can be used as an alternative to many of the lighter gummy or chewing gum flavours. As it does have a piney character, I like to add it to herbal blends.

Mahlepi is another concentrate which could be classed as an additive. I’ve used it in a few tobacco blends to give a more nuanced bitter almond and cherry husk note than the in-your-face Beer Nuts.

They are both useful condiments for accent and body adjustments, though they do take a fair bit of testing to get to grips with them. So, time for you to get down to SFTing them.

Here’s some examples of how I’ve used them.

I really need to get down to V2s for these.


There’s always one nutter who has.

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Sounds like it would go great with Sage and Cinnamon….

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VTA mahlepi and mastiha

I have both if you want them. Still unopened, just got it about a month ago. I’m just going to stick with my beloved fruits.


I really do enjoy it with Sage. I think using it as part of the body in a Red Cinnamon candy would be a fun idea.

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Well, I pondered and made a mk1. It’ll be interesting to see how this one develops.

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It’s Vape train I have both tried both and still 3 years later still don’t know what the heck they are. Both were really strange flavors.


There are definitely ones I class as condiments: ones to add an accent to a blend at tiny percentages.

Making either dominant in a recipe is a bad idea until you know how to straddle them.

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