Anyone used that vape crafters link to try a liquid before buying all the needed flavours?

It’ll be worth it. Think it is probably good for us vapemail stalkers to have to be patient from time to time… :innocent:

Lol yeah Im going to have to be patient they mailed it and its arrived in canada flew threw customs in under a minute but its still in Mississauga, so delivery is estimated as the 4th… There is a postal disruption strike/lockout looming for the second so I might have to be more patient than I have ever been in my life lol.

If the strike/lockout happens Im probably just going to reorder and have it fedex’d.

One thing I can say for vapecrafters though is their communication is great they get back to you with any questions you have and are very willing to work with and accommodate their customers… I will definitely continue doing business with them.

Hey, how did you get on?

Pretty good I would say.
~Shipped out about a week after ordering
~bases matched my expectations based on the ones I had previously mixed
~came in glass bottles but the were clear not the cobalt blue I ordered
~packaging was very odd as they were shipped in a very large box full of packing peanuts (It took quite some time to fish through it to find all the little bottles and syringes)

I would certainly order from them again. The one suggestion I would have for them would have to do with the packaging as Im sure that envelope mailing would have made more sense financially for them and certainly been easier to find the product in lol.

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Yes - also wondered about the huge boxes full of polystyrene. Bizarre. Assume they got a cheap bulk deal on the packaging, but am sure they could ship for less with more appropriate packaging, and thus get more business.

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The glass bottles are pretty tough and I can’t imagine breaking. Several layers of bubblewrap should suffice. A USPS 7 X 7 X 6 would do fine and even a USPS Small Flat Rate box would work (maybe only get two layers of BW on each bottle) for 4-5 bottles. While Buyers may gripe about shipping, in the end they can rate you lower (on like eBay star-rating system) on the “perception” their item was not shipped with enough care.

BTW there is no Deal on those friggin styro beads. Try buying a huge bag on Amazon …hah and if you EVER find a deal send it to me immediately :wink:

The glass bottles are fine - it is the oversized box that is amusing and which costs more via USPS. Not a gripe as such - more a suggestion to go with smaller. I guess they’ll use up the big boxes first though.

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Yeah the box was huge like a computer tower and other items all could have been shipped in it… I didnt pay for the shipping it was free and there is no way a big box like that shipped to Canada was cheap… some buble wrap and envelope would have been cheaper… Im not saying it wasnt protected enough I just saying the choice of shipping materials was friggin bizzarre… had I known you liked Peanuts I would have saved the box for ya :wink:

Christmas is around the corner better save that box+peanuts! :wink:

Too Late my kids saw those peanuts and christmas came early they went nuts with them lol… They loved the choice of shipping materials :stuck_out_tongue:


Just placed an order with Vapecrafter for 4x30 ml bottles, and another with Giant Vapes - also for 4x30ml bottles.
They both use the same USPS service, and yet Vapecrafter charges $3 less for shipping to the UK. Good stuff.
This time am ordering the first one but with guava in place of the apricot, a (mostly) organic version of same to compare, another one like the first but with more blossom notes, and a fourth one which is based on Japanese plum and notes I hope will work with that. Exciteddddddd.

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OMG I remember that commercial. LOL

I am looking into buying Medicine Flower flavor from Vape Crafter as they have small amounts so I don’t have to commit to using a whole 15ml for over 20 dollars!

Have you had any experience ordering their MF concentrates?

This is the only site now that is selling small batches of MF as ECX seems to be phasing the line out.

It’s this true?


Already asked them in an ECX thread to no avail. About to just call them!

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Sorry was out for the weekend! So in regards to phasing out MF/Lotus, we will restock based on demand in regards to Lotus (medicine flower)
Currently we are rotating them through the On sale section to gauge this. I will relay more information as it is received from the top.

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Also, We are open to dialogue about what flavors are most important to mixers, If you have any insight please share and I will relay it back:)