Anyone used these flavorings? [Inawera]

Got sent a few new [to me] flavorings for free, by a very decent bloke from a local forum. Nice :slight_smile:

But there’s a few in the mix that I’m not too sure on. I have a few ideas for them, but just wondering if anyone has had success with any of them?

Inawera - Black Tea
Inawera - Wild Rose [Dzika Róza]
Inawera - Wild strawberry [Poziomka]

Others he sent were cactus, Grape, Pear, and exotic. Not as complex, should be easy enough work with.

The first 3 I listed seem like they would go nicely together maybe? I’m not a tea person juice-wise [do love your standard tea, but I always sugar it up!]

Going on initial sniff tests, the wild strawberry seems like it could be tricky, it’s not giving me fruity, fresh strawberry that’s for sure. There’s a perfume about it, and an odd, weedy, grassy scent. The wild rose smells lovely, I’m just not sure where I want to use it just yet, or what will compliment it. And black tea … doesn’t really smell like tea, not the tea I’m used to at least. But I feel like they might all blend together nicely, at the right %

I have read up on them, what little I could find. Wondering if some of you that like your more left of center flavorings could tell me more on them? Thanks

Inewera % range from one drop (30ml) to 2% imho the cactus in a mix is best at 9drops per 30ml if you want to taste anything other than cactus. Some are so strong you can ruin a mix the wild steawberry being one of them one drop and then blend other strawberry creams or what have you in

The Wild Rose is lovely, but use it sparingly or it goes from a sweet slightly floral rose water to full on face destroying perfume. Start at .25-.5%

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We have a wild rose jam in Poland and use it in doughnuts. Not my cup of tea but it might work for you. We have all different kinds of doughnuts already but I have never seen a rose jam doughnut recipe.

I knew by the wild strawberry it was fairly potent, i’ve tried it very slight along with strawberry ripe, see how it goes. i may have used the wild rose a bit strong by sounds of it, I did 1.5% … whoops. The recipe has Black tea, orange cream, ripe strawberry, with the rose and wild strawberry backing.

Wild rose might be similar to Raspbery (malina). I use it with strawberries at 0.24-0.5%. Makes them sweeter I think.

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Just to update on that wild rose … yup, 1.5% was way too much, lol … it’s all you can smell/taste 2 days later :smiley:

Lesson learned on that one at least.