Anyone who’s enjoyed a tobacco pipe

…knows that feeling of ‘knowing’ as you’re lighting it that you’ve packed the bakky perfectly :slight_smile: Too tight and it’s hard to light, very rich, and can be very harsh when you finally do. Or too loose and it’s quite airy, not rich/quite lean, and also harsh. But when you get it just right, oh man, bring on the rich fully saturated complex flavours. And if you puff too hard, well, you cough don’t you. But I WANT something I can hurt myself if I over-do it :slight_smile: No fun if you can’t hurt yourself (I must look at that… one day…)

The UTA2 on the left mod is my “packed the bakky perfect” tank :slight_smile: Yes that’s the airhole you almost can’t see. Nice loooong draws at 8-11W with a tiny airhole can get quite hot and even burnt if you overdo it, and quite mild even tasteless if you don’t draw hard enough. I LOVE thin-wire… (2 Ohm [ish] 30G SS316L contact coil) The Kabuki next to it is the backup. Of note is that the 1.5 Ohm Aspire Nautilus coil in the Kabuki (the other coils suck to varying degrees) has to run at 12-15W to get the same experience as the UTA2 at 8-11W. I try not to use the Kabuki much as the coils cost $2.50 instead of 10 cents, and the battery doesn’t last until bed-time.

The Siren 22 on the right mod is the fruit tank, and Kayfun V5 Mini for backup. Same coil as the UTA2 in both, and now the only MTL coil I make after trying every relatively simple single-coil option (including twisted and Clapton) I could find over the last year of chain-vaping. Which reminds me! Tomorrow will be 1 year cigarette-free for me! :smiley:

It’s funny, if I swap ANY of the drip tips between tanks, the vape just doesn’t feel or taste ‘right’. ‘S also funny I can’t tolerate a loose draw for my tobacco vape, but can in my fruit vape. And incidentally prefer my fruit vape in the (tighter) tobacco tanks so I’m waiting on two KF Prime clones. I’m hoping they’re as good as the two UTA2 clones I tried to order, but they’re discontinued, to satisfy that perfectly packed pipe experience in my fruity vape :slight_smile:

Here are the recipes if you’re interested


Congrats on your one year anniversary :ribbon:


What Jose said :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::tada::tada::tada::grin:


The strawberry delight recipe looks interesting. I don’t have the flavors but will adapt for sure. Thanks for the inspiration point.

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