Anything close to iSmokeKing's Rainfall?

I got this e-juice when I was in Stavanger, Norway:

It was in the shop looking for a tank that did not leak (thank god they showed me the melo 2) and I tested that juice in it.

I was hooked. I bought 30ml of it and vaped it in one night. I got it low on nicotine, fortunately; boy, I did love that stuff.
Now, did anybody ever try that? I searched for that in the forum with no success so I expect it’s not common in the US (I am assuming this forum is mostly used by Americans, but I might be wrong. I live in Italy BTW).

I’d love to reproduce it, so if anybody ever gave it a try, I’d love to know about it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Useful info from their site.

“Our short description: Minty raspberry pineapple mix”

Haven’t tried it, but if you search for mixes with pineapple and raspberry at the receipe site, I’m sure you will find something to work with, adding mint as desired.

Like CAP Golden Pineapple 4 %
TPA Raspberry Sweet 5-8%
TPA Koolada 10 % 1 %

Or another minty kind of flavor. And then find out what’s missing. Some strawberry? A little mango?

Let the fun begin!

Made this one last year and it turned out really good, according to a friend that asked
for a fruity ejuice with mint.


4.5% Golden Pineapple (CAP)
1% Koolada 10% (TPA)
0.25% Liquid Stevia (Pyure)
0.5% Raspberry (INAWERA)

Flavor total: 7.75%

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Thanks everybody. Read the description but wanted to know if anybody gave it an actual try so to skip the trial and error part and go straight to the point :slight_smile:

I’ll try with those three basic flavors first, using the ones I can find easily here. Otherwise I’ll try the Sunrise, although I am afraid it could be quite costy to get those flavors delivered.


if you get a description like the one they gave and enter those flaves into " what can i make " you will have multiple choices to choose from , keep in mind a lot of people here havent bought store juice in awhile so being as descriptive as possible will help tremendously and last and i hope this doesnt come off the wrong way but the trial and error is what everyone here does to create something that part of diy is going to be constant so embrace it dont try to get around it , its part of the beauty of diy