Anything for Caramel substitute?

I like Caramel but never use it because they all seems to have Diacetyl. Any possible substitute I could use to get that sweet burned sugar effect?

Might try the creme Brule flavors.

FA Caramel and Molinberry Melty Caramel are diketone free. In general, all EU made flavourings are diketone free.

I guess I’m using wrong flavors than. All I have is TFA I picked that don’t have Diacetyl in them. Got some with it from the past but never use them including the Caramel. My little stash here

Stashes are still private - Even if you ticked the “make my stash public” - That was one thing I never re-made with the new site… I will re-make that one again …soon(ish) :smiley:

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