Apologies to all the Pod/MTL users

I purchased a Joyetech Exceed Edge about 2 months ago and never really tried it till today, I have always said Pods are for sissies but long as it keeps you from smoking the stinkies, Anyway my wife is having Surgery today and I will be here for a few days. I have been using it since 3am this morning in the hospital and it has really came in handy, I go to my truck when I want to get some great flavor and clouds!!! But I’m glad I got it!!! I made some juice just for this device, simple Strawberry :strawberry: Heavy, 12mg nic… So I apologize if I called names on Pod users… It definitely has it’s place…


Glad you like it! It’s definitely handy for situations where you can’t use your regular setup too. I really enjoy mine. I’m so sorry, I hope everything goes well. I should have said that before. Please give her our love!


I hope everything goes well and the recovery will be quick :slight_smile:

That’s all that mattered to me from your post lol. I’m sorry but I felt this was more important then the pod system :wink:


@Mix_and_Hope Apology accepted !!!

Just kidding. I felt the same way, “Why would ANYONE use these things” ?? !!!

I just reviewed one of those said setups, and indeed, sometimes you gotta roll on the stealthy train, and many of them excel at that. Truer words could not have been spoken, sometimes they do come in handy.

And like @Silhouette said, I hope all is well with your wife.


All the best to your wife and yourself. And I’m so glad that you don’t have to go through nicotine withdrawl at such a difficult time! :hugs:


Best wishes for you and your wife. Sending good vibes, hope she’s doing better soon <3


Best wishes for you and the wife! Good vibes all the way!!


I felt that way about vaping in general, when I was still a stinkiepuffer. Watching that guy on the TV commercials trying to look cool with a blue light rather than a cherry, thought he was a doofus. Funny how experience changes viewpoints, no?

I never felt that pod users were inferior, but I didn’t see any reason for them. But seeing how many folks like them, and how many are being rolled out all the time, I could see myself with a pod someday too.

And best of luck with the Missus!


Put some 50mg in there you sissy!
Just kidding, Hope your wife has a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted how everything is going, my wife and I will be sending our prayers your way.


I have been meaning to come back to this post and, well, I want to thank everyone for the concern and thoughtful wishes, a very classy group of vapers. My wife is home and really in alot of pain, more so than she went in, but hope that passes in time. She will be out of work for about 2 months the doctor says. She is taking pain pills and muscle relaxers, that help some, but gets headaches from the meds. So time is all that is needed.
Thanks again


Sending your wife and yourself Prayers & Super Positive Thoughts


@Mix_and_Hope Glad to hear she’s home, and saddened that she is having continued issues. We’ll keep you guys in our prayers.