Apple by Northwest VG flavors

Smells wonderful no flavor at all at least at 10%

I have a lot of problems with apple flavors lately, seems like they smell great but taste blah…if I add more apple then they taste like nail polish remover… I have been using TFA and Capella flavors so far. Some feedback would be nice to get the apple just right…

Try Fuji Apple from Flavour Art :smile:

I will give it a shot next time I order flavors. I just want a good caramel apple vape lol.

I second Fuji Apple from FA. It gives a great ‘juicy’ apple flavor. If you’re wanting more intense apple, you might try mixing it with other apples (not sure which one since I don’t have any others atm). I love it by itself, but I haven’t found it to be super in your face if that is what you’re looking for.

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Fuji Apple is already on my wish list will probably order it tomorrow. Going to have 90 different flavors. Isn’t this hobby suppose to save us money lol.

When DIY went from a money-saving venture to a hobby, that would be the point at which money saving ended for me lol.


LOL In theory, yes. In reality? Not a chance. 90? Give it a couple months. You’ll have 200 and still not be satisfied. :wink:

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I’m satisfied. I just need more. A lot. All the time :smiley: Get all the gear and all the flavorings! :smiley:



You’ve probably gone over the line and added too much flavor. Try adding PG/VG and nic mix to thin in out. I’d also add some saline and/or citric acid. If you add the citric acid, you may need to add a little sweetener.
I am by no means very knowledgeable on mixing. But, I enjoy Apple TPA a lot, and that’s what I do. Sometimes, mostly late in the day, my taster stops working. Take that into account when you start adding more flavor to stuff. Flavor goes a long way. I never ever add it directly to my tank or even my bottle of juice. Instead, I keep pre-mixed single flavors on hand and add them if I’m adding flavor. Because I was inexperienced, I mixed all my single flavors at 10%. Beware - that may be okay for TPA flavorings, but not INA or FW brands. Those should be 1 or 2%.
Of course, I also keep a bottle of “Diluter” which is VG/PG/Nic on hand to dilute ejuice. I also keep Saline on hand. Since I got my TVF4 and Crown tanks, I’ve used up about 100ml of Diluter. I have to add 30% of it to my tank for most all of my ejuices.
Hope this helps. Joya

I made my first batch at 5% it is also a vg based flavor so you typically need more. It did get stronger with a little age but still was only a hint of apple. I have tried a couple apples and this one was on of the least impressive. I normally do use flavors at a much lower % . I really don’t like using flavors that take more than 5% and this one makes me feel like it would take 20% and 3 weeks of aging.

Yup. I remember fixing my car myself to save money. By the time it stopped there was a modified exhaust, rebuilt performance engine, electronic ignition, dual carbs…on and on. didn’t really save me a dime LOL.

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I recently got a flavor order and now I have 5 different types of Apple flavoring, and I’ve been trying them out without a steep yet. The Inawera tastes like and smells like palmetto bugs! I live in Florida, and i’m very familiar with their spray (although I’ve never tasted it - gross!) I have much faith in Inawera flavors, so i’m thinking that this is JUST the case straight from the bottle and after a good steep it will be much better. I prefer the FA Apple over the FA Fugi Apple. . . weird. I also STILL love my TPA Apple. What am I vaping??? Well it is Gambit with FA Apple added in - OH SO YUMMY. I’ve also been adding TPA Black Walnut to Third-World Custard. I need to make a new batch of 3WC and try using a better Caramel - better than TPA, such as FA. Oh lovin the FA flavors!!! It’s so much worth it to buy them because they are so concentrated. I also must have just ordered Yogurt just in time. That was the only flavor I re-ordered again before I was low on it. Got FA and FW Yogurt now. Comparison to come (as soon as my little square bottles come from China).

I have been very happy with Fugi Apple it just works not going to hunt further on apple got some other goals in mind now but i will keep FA apple if i get any complaints thank you.